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  1. You also realise that if the Argentinian immigration police stopped in at your place of work and asked for your documents you would have the incorrect Visa to work? So you would be facing deportation or even worse jail in a foreign country. Bearing in mind your company flouts even the local working time directive how much help do you think they will offer you?To be honest if I were you next time I was on my 90 day return to UK I would hand my notice in and not return to Argentina without the correct sort of visa and let them take me to court for refunding the airfare!Can't believe you don't
  2. What sort of parameters are you using to look for the jobs? i.e. are you only interested in jobs over £xk/yr as most companies may expect some experience to go with your £xk are you only requesting info on permanent roles as the roles you mention tend to be temp roles more often than not The good news is that if you get in with an agency it's in their interest to get you out there earning commision for them .... so even if you haven't got actual experience they'll sell your transferrable skills ... and sometimes get you to do IT tests so if your scores are good sell you on that basis
  3. And have you actually been notified in writing by the management company that as a tenant you aren't allowed to keep a pet (however if you were an owner you would be allowed)? If so can you post the precise wording of the letter If not, perhaps the best thing to do would be to not worry about it till you receive that letter as it would be the owner's responsibility not yours
  4. If you received notification prior to 20th that they were your new landlords then you should not have paid the old landlord (as you knew he wasn't your landlord anymore) If the notification was received after 20th I would have thought it is their responsibility but if you have your old landlord contact details it may be worth contacting and seeing if they are willing to help resolve the problem
  5. to be honest with you I would probably look for somewhere else to live .... if you can actually seperate out the usage then there will always be the row about who uses how much And those plug in heaters EAT electricity - whether it's on the high setting or the low setting it makes no difference
  6. You are renting the place as furnished - you could have turned the place down as you wanted an unfurnished place (plenty of which are available throughout most of the UK) You have therefore chosen to pay a security deposit on somewhere which you already knew was furnished - why should the landlord then bear the costs to store pieces that relate to the furnished place that you don't want The decision was always yours to accept as offered or find somewhere that better suited your needs So your choices now are 1) go through with the rental and store the extra items somewhere at
  7. Depends what you agreed to be written into your new contract at the time. Although the fact you are asking the question makes me think that you didn't request (and get it agreed by your employers) for it to be "continuous service" and therefore it will be classed as 8 years rather than 11
  8. Mr Shed ... am loving your work! Bestlandlord ... if I was you I would return the deposit in full at the earliest because I really don't think you want to go up in front of a judge and say "I didn't follow the law because I don't agree with it" And just out of interest what significance is the fact the boyfriend is Spanish?
  9. I disagree ... with these sorts it tends to be a waste of a bad suit ... they never quite know the difference
  10. Submit your holiday form and have the next month off - they would then have to find a way to cover your absence You are entitled to your holiday and if they have a use it or lose it policy they cannot then say you can't take it due to operational requirements what would happen at the end of next year if you could carry it over? You would have 500 odd owes lieu and 2 years holiday entitlement!! Have you submitted any holiday requests this year that have been refused?
  11. If a solicitor has recommended you sue them under prof neg then sue them - their insurance company will put up a fight for a bit but will probably then settle. It must be a damn good case if the solicitor is recommending it!!
  12. You would have thought it should have been sent to me wouldn't you ... but hey - what do I know!! Fortunately the person who opened it had the forethought to let me know directly she had something for me ... but it could have been so much worse. I had to "pull my socks up" no specific targets or goals set, nothing measurable or trackable. Nothing written and agreed following the informal meeting The colleague they told that it's cancelled is my supervisor - I just feel that they should back this up and tell me directly I kind of feel like I'm just an insignificant character in
  13. Should HR tell me if the meeting is going to be postponed or is it OK for it to be filtered through another colleague?
  14. Not Going in alone - my office manager has agreed to come with me. She was fantastic when I had the 3 colleagues bullying me Am getting together with her on Monday to go through everything had a thought last night that not only have they only given me a month and a half to turn things round, There was the Easter break in the middle and also it was our year end - so a case of all hands on deck
  15. I’m hoping someone can help me with my problem - I’m currently facing a formal Capability Procedure I’ll try and set it out chronologically (mainly so it helps me get things straight in my head) A bit of history first – I was employed to cover a maternity leave from June 2007 on a fixed term contract which was extended twice and finished in July 2008. Towards the end of the contract the firm decided that they didn’t want me to leave and created a dual role over two departments which I accepted. No formal job description was ever received and when I requested one recently was told th
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