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  1. nothing signed! When does the 12 + 2 days start running? is it from when they received the letters or me posting them?
  2. I know and I was too scared to follow it! Am I right in thinking the advice is still not to bother with recorded delivery and to just ask for proof of posting for each?
  3. Hello Long time reader of the forum and now my first post! I have been in a DMP with Payplan since 2004 paying £200 a month towards six debts with a total starting balance of over £40,000. All are long gone from my credit file and are all with DCA either sold or managed, I don’t think any are with the original creditors, they have changed between DCAs many times I have printed off the full history for each debt from Payplan in case I need it. I realise I have been cash cowed and currently have an outstanding balance of £3,531 as follows: Original debt now with current balance Alliance and Leicester Loan Wescot £276.12 Alliance and Leicester Credit card Link £174.89 MBNA Credit Card Drydens Fairfax £1,165.01 First Direct Moorcroft £1,431.72 Co Op Loan Cabot £266.10 Citi Bank Fredrickson £217.20 My original plan was to go self managed, pay off the four smaller ones in full in January and then divide the £200 between the two larger ones and have those paid off in full within the year. However having read through the forum recently I am inclined to see which if any are unenforceable. I have my six letters and my six £1 postal orders ready to go but would appreciate any advice, anything I might have missed and no doubt further advice as the letters start to arrive! A couple of points, I have claimed all the PPI I am able to, two years ago I received PPI from Santander for the Alliance and Leicester Loan, I supplied them with a copy of my original credit agreement to do this. First Direct were my current account bank at the time, their outstanding debt was rolled up and was current account overdraft, two loans and one credit card. I also made a PPI claim two years ago against one of the loans and again supplied them with the original loan agreement. Many thanks
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