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  1. HI I have arrears with BG fro gas/electric...I also have rent arrears... All my other debts are mostly old credit card debts.. But I am confused that I have been told by CAP that I cannot clear the arrears for gas/electic and rent arrears ( I was hoping to borrow from my daughter ) and then let them continue with payment plan arrangements... CAP are saying as they are preparing to do a DRO I cannot do that !!! Yet they are not making any headway in contacting BG.!!! Although as I have said, I have not saved up the fee of £90 for the DRO !! I want to no should I not bother with the
  2. Hi all I am still muddling through various debts ect... But in November 2013 contacted CAP ( christians against poverty ) who took over all my affairs ! They did income/expenditure and gave me details of how much I could have for shopping and all the payments that they would be making on my behalf... which was initially good..They advised me that I should get a DRO....Have to save up for that !!! CAP advised me in Nov to stop my direct debits that I had set up with British Gas for paying gas an electric bills...ect. They set up a standing order in November to take money out of my benef
  3. Last payment in 2009 a think dont know if I had ppi and dont have any paperwork as moved several times how do I find out if I had ppi ? Thanks
  4. So do I then wait for dca's to get in touch ? an then wat ? do I pay what they ask for or offer alower figure for a full and and final settlement ? As need to get ths mess behind me. Thanks
  5. Hi again have recieved my credit file not good reading as can make out various defaults !!!! Am not to sure but I think the only other people that have checked my file are car insurance companies. As on some searches it says unrecorded enquiry ( what does that mean ? I have one debt with sainsbury credit card says defaulted on 17/01/08 then it says balance satisfied and says file updated for period 02/ 01/11. Same with another debt to capitol one card . Please can someone tell me what that all means Thankyou
  6. Thanks everyone but I am even more confused !!!! Lots of different views ! hey ho i will just wait and see also will it say on my credit report other companies have seen the report ? as one of my replys says to check the report again in 14 days time. Sorry to be so dumb but where and what will it say if other companies have had a look at it? I have never seen a credit report !! Thanks
  7. Hi I have various debts an have just requested my credit file I want to know if the various debt collection companys would find out that I am checking my file and also would they have/or are they able to check my credit file. Thank-you
  8. Credit Report not come yet only posted off monday gone
  9. Hi I had old debt with HSBC credit card about 3 years ago was not able to pay it but had not heard from them until today , got letter from HSBC that my account has been sold to Sigma SVP1 redditch, and I had to contact them. Also in same envelope letter from Stgma re money owed and they also tell me that they have informed 3 credit agencys !!! I am trying to clear my debts as need mortgage. So was I not on any credit Ref Agencys up till now ? I have just a few days ago requested my credit report , also my partner doesnt know of all this and we need a mortgage so please can some o
  10. Aww no way ! I mean dont know if debt was defaulted have just sent off £2.00 for credit report, so hoping thats not the case. I have to have a good credit history re mortgage . will let you know as soon as I do thanks brigadier2jcs .
  11. Hi Everyone I have debts on credit cards that are a few years old , when I could not pay, the various debt companys wrote saying that they would now be collecting the debts. I did set up a some payment arrangements but was not able to keep them up, that was in 2009 but since then have not heard from any company - during that time I had moved , but now have received at the old address a letter telling me that arrow Global Guernsey ltd are the legal owners of the debt ( originally was RBS). It also says to pay Wescot the balance owing of £457.00 I do need to pay as I wan
  12. I did make an arrangement in past but could not keep the repayments up ! had set up direct debit for small amount but every few months they would take more an more out so had to stop, then they said pay with postal order that cost more too!
  13. Thanks everyone very helpful replies feel much better will keep you all posted as to what happens next
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