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  1. I like it, I might put some monopoly money in, and something along the lines of "And here's what you might have won if you could provide a valid CCA"
  2. Can you not attach some sort of brick to them using some extra strong Duck tape?
  3. I think Shop Direct's DCA, Lowell, may have dropped a bit of a clanger with this one! Recieved a letter from them this morning with details of the fact they can't find a copy of my agreement, which reads as follows: Dear ...... We refer to a recent request for a copy of your agreement. Unfortunately we are unable to locate a copy of an executed agreement, but for your information we enclose a copy of the current agreement which applied to this type of account. This version includes all contractual variations which have taken place. (So far so good eh?) According to
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question, I'd made a payment of my Court Fine (DVLA tax issues) online two days ago, as I'd realised that two of my standing orders hadn't gone through. However, this morning, I recieved a letter from Marstons saying that the fine had been passed to them to collect. I'm not disputing the fact that there were two missed payments, but having contacted the court this morning in regards to my previous payment made online two days ago, they say that it won't be applied to the account, and that it will be refunded to me via cheque. Does any of you good people on here kn
  5. Hi, unfortunately not. Although seeing as I've recieved no further hassle from Moorcroft in regards to it, at the moment....they are the least of my worries! As soon as I see off Mercers and Barclaycard I'll be able to spend a bit more time sorting the whole Egg business out!
  6. Yes, I've got the inception terms and conditions, there wasn't any PPI on the account...well, I can't see any on the form, and don't recall any amounts being deducted for it from monthly statements.
  7. Hi again all, The 14 days will be up tomorrow since I sent the letter at the top of the thread. Just wondering what my next actions should be! Obviously, it will be time to get the Information Commissioners office involved, and the Financial Services Authority. Is there any court action that I can take, or maybe get in touch with Watchdog on the BBC?
  8. I've just done the same, and they've definitely got my details in their database, even though I've asked to be removed! Looks like it's time to get in touch with them via post to make the Data removal official, as well as time to contact watchdog I think!
  9. Ah...that would explain it...was bought using my debit card! D'oh! Still, I don't understand why they have the right to do this...still feel a strongly worded letterr coming on!
  10. I've had the phone for about 6 weeks now, and yes, it was a phone and sim-card pack.
  11. That's true, and even removing the number doesn't ask for your name and address. I'm totally confused about how they've managed to get the number then!
  12. Nope, and I've topped it up using cash, so there shouldn't be a way for them to get access to it that way! The only thing I can think of, is that I asked for it to be removed from that new 118 database thing...does sound like they've sold the detail on...very worrying!
  13. Now I really am fuming. Just recieved a text from Mercers on my new PAYG mobile number. I'm really intrigued as to how they've managed to get it....only family members have the number, and they all know better than to give my mobile number out to DCA's. What's annoying me even more though is that they are fully aware that the account is in dispute, due to the fact that they still haven't supplied me with a copy of the Credit Card Agreement! Time for a harshly worded letter I believe!
  14. Hi all, I've just had a copy of my signed agreement from Egg with the usual agreement with a Approved Limit and Individual Limit. I've now drafted a letter pulling in bits from various other letters on the site, and would appreciate some of you giving it the once over to check before I send it to Moorcroft who are acting on behalf of Egg. Dear Sir/Madam Account No: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your response to my request under the Consumer Credit Act section 78. In your response you confirm this as a true copy of the original agreement executed by your Client on the 17/07
  15. Brilliant! Who is it best to get in contact with to report them?
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