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  1. Even if the ISP's gave out the IP addresses because of court order, could they not at least have told us in writing? Plus mine says NTL Internet gave out my IP on 20/03/2008, but hadn't Virgin Media already taken over? Hence this is no real evidence as they got my IP from a company that didn't even exist!!!
  2. DO NOT ignore these letters, they are indeed real: ACS Law and the Letter of Claims - Copyright Law Articles and News - Lawdit Reading Room
  3. Anyone else find it strange that the 'number of guests online' on the ACS:LAW website is longer there? http://www.acs-law.org.uk/ They have made many changes to their website these past hours!!! They've started adding images too! Am I right in believing that this is a newly made site? And what is the involvement of the known 'cybersquatter' Tsang? Can someone also tell me what a 'cybersquatter' is please
  4. Lol yeah, I'm unsure as to what to do. I think a visit to the London office would do good, anyone else going to go on Monday morning?
  5. Hmm I've been going through the site and found that the hyperlinked contact form in the following link takes me to google, anyone else found the same thing? Computer Games
  6. Anyone else find it weird that the 'Notes on Evidence' link on the ACS:LAW website no longer links to a Word document? ACS-Law Solicitors
  7. Might I make a suggestion? I suggest that we all go to this ACS:LAW firm on the address provided in the sent letters ourselves and see what happens from there.
  8. I have been reading forum all morning and have done my own research on the so called 'ACS:LAW' Having received a letter yesterday stating that I have download 'a computer game sold under the name 'Two Worlds'. As you are all aware, they have 'evidence'. I have noticed that the sum for 'Two Worlds' that has to paid is £665.00, which appears the be the same for all cases of 'Two Worlds' However, I have made phone calls to ACS:LAW' and got nowhere. I phoned and gave a fake name, which then got me though to an advisor. The 'advisor' told me what the letter was about without me even giving
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