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  1. I have contacted my solicitor. This is real, I work for Sky and have seen Notes for Court Orders on accounts. I have not seen my own account, but have been told that there is a note suggesting that DAVENPORT have issued a court order for my contact details.
  2. Unfortunately guys I have just received one of these letters too. I work for Sky so I called my VIP department a couple of minutes ago and had them check for any activity on my account regarding copyright infringement. There was a note added on 3rd March 2009 stating that a Court Order has been issued to provide the customers address and contact details to DAVENPORT. An email address was provided if any Sky customers need assistance regarding this: coenqueries@bskyb.com It just so happens that I own Two Worlds and as mentioned before, if I had downloaded the game before I bought it then I would have known that it was a pile of s**t.
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