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  1. Thanks for the advice but there is defo no ppi. . When I took out the loan they told me the repayments would be 181 pounds a month over 3 years for a 1500 pounds loan ! I said that was too high and I asked if it included ppi and they said it did so I asked them to take this off as I never take out ppi and hadnt requested it, they argued with me but I stood my ground and the payments came down to 121 a month so I never had ppi. I will SAR them and see what I can find out. I am confused as how I can have all these charges and be in default yet still have a normal loa
  2. Took out a Welcome Finance unsecured loan in 2005 over 3 years, originally applied through a broker. I applied online, received a phone call and was told my loan had been accepted by a lender called Welcome Finance. it was a 1500 pound loan over 3 years at 120 pounds per month. In 2007 I got into difficulties and missed a payment. I contacted all my creditors and I wrote to Welcome at the address on my loan agreement to see if i could reach an agreement to pay less. I didn't receive a reply from Welcome then the calls to my work started. I refused to take the calls a
  3. Thanks so much for all your help. I will read up on the reclaiming. x
  4. I had a Next Directory account, couldn't afford to keep up repayments, no help from Next and account sent to Cabot. Had a payment arrangement with Cabot for over a year , this then broke down when I missed a payment and was taken over by Clarity. I have been paying 50 a month to Clarity for several months. On 19th Jan I received a letter from Clarity saying 'their client' (cabot) would accept a much reduced amount in full and final settlement as i was obviously committed to paying my account. Unfortunately I did not have the funds to settle. Did not pay them
  5. thanks for that , I dont believe I have ever actually had a credit agreement sent to me in a confirmation email which is normally the case. I read the agreement on line so I'm not sure. I replied to their email stating that I had requested my complaint be passed to customer service manager for review as per their complaints procedure and as they had not done this I was going to take my case to the FOS. This is the response I got yesterday !!!! unbelievable Dear The Following Final Response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure described in the pre-Co
  6. Replied to their 'final response' stating I wished to escalate my complaint to the customer service manager as per their complaints procedure, details of which which they had pasted into the final response email and got this reply from them. i actually laughed when I read it ! The Following Final Response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure described in the pre-Contract and contains answers to all Your e-mails sent to us. Microcredit Ltd considers that all the overdue charges and interest were rightfully added to the outstanding balance a
  7. I'll speak to my bank as well thank you mjds I dont have any other email than the claims one either and you dont always get a response from that. They are supposed to acknowledge recipt as per their 'complaints procedure' but they dont. Just attempted to log onto my account as got the dosh to pay them off and our server wont alow it , said its fraudulent website with no security certificate, access denied. I'll try again when I get home as interested to see what the balance is when I log in to my account. They did say I could call them when I had the funds and they may agree a sett
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies - I see from researching this company that they are being investigated and there are a lot of angry customers who have fallen into their trap. Some comfort I'm not alone !They keep debiting from my account, so far 4 payments of £25 and one of £15 and another in the system. I get paid tomorrow (early thank god) so I can get get this paid off - tried calling them but its useless. They have implied in their response I can only contact FOS after going right through their complaints procedure i.e Customer Service Manager then Chief Exec yet they have said this is
  9. Just recieved the following in an email from them . . . The Following Final Response is being sent to You according to the Formal Complaints Procedure described in the pre-Contract and contains answers to all Your e-mails sent to us. The total outstanding balance £291.50 from the date of issuing (27th of December 2011) until today the 25th of January 2012 consists of the following: 1. Loan principal £150 2. Interest in total £43.50 (1% of the Principal per day) 3. Overdue penalty £25 (was added on the 1st day overdue) 4. Overdue penalty £55 (was added
  10. I took out a payday loan with Minicredit in early December to cover some Christmas Expenses. On my December payday I repaid in full . I had given them my card details and they took the repayment as agreed. I only borrowed £150 and knew I would be able to pay it back. I am not in any financial difficulty but cant obtain credit due to past history/relationship breakdown etc but I am or was well on the way to restoring my credit profile and have worked hard to clear my debts over the last two years. I am however a single parent and although I work full time I do rely on a small amount of tax cred
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