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  1. in or around june 09 our neibours oil tank leaked its cotents of kerosene under our house. we had to move out until the clean up was done . this consisted of digging up all the ground floor of our house to about 6 to 7 foot deep . the house is no back to floor level. and only the shell of the housr remains.My insurance company (prestige ) got crawfords and company in as loss ajusters. I got a loss accssor and a solisitor. the people whos house the oil leaked from admitted to their insurance company that it was teir oil tank that was to blame . their insurance company is prestige also . my insu
  2. What and were do I get the ainti harrassment letter, thanks
  3. I got A letter from Global dept recovery earlyer this year concerning a dept of £15k plus, owed to a republic of Ireland credit card (AIB). The bank just kept rising thecard limit and it got out of control, anyway I sent the letter to them requesting the orignal agrement in the spescified time period , the sent it to me weeks after the were supposed to, the phined me and were very very rude I mean very very very rude, I hung up so they have sent me numrous letters looking all the money at once, So nowthe have started phoning again and i dont answer, so Igot a letter saying . "Following
  4. I took out a 50k loan secured on my house a few years ago and the mortage broker who got me it is now out of buissness and im now not in agreat posisition to carry on paying it , my mortage is 99k and the loan is 50k , what im trying to say is can I in any way get the loan onto my mortage ast he intrest rate is 2.99 an the ge loan of 50 k is 12.99, I have managed up ontil now to pay and my house is worth about 175k, I dont think it will be much longer before i default on the loanandcould i lose my home , worried
  5. I think Iwill like it on here
  6. Thanks there folks, will I send the letter in dispuite now or wait until i here from them again?, (I wont answer the phone the first call I got from them scared the devil out of me ),Id love to be dept free, but supose like eveyone else when hard times come knocking at your door he aint easy chased away, unlike the easy money we once got thrown at us,it was blind. xo not so worried now
  7. I got a phonecall from global dept recovery telling me they intended to sue me for €15300 I owed on a credit card to AIB bank in the republic of Ireland .(I live in northern Ireland) I ofered to come to some sort of arangment to pay it of and the man on the phone was the most obnoxeious bxxxxxd I had ever spoken to, (excuse the language) He said he wasnt intrested and was going ahead with bringing me to court, so I sent him a the letter (;N: CCA) 13 days ago. with the £1 p.o. and sent it by regerested post , I have had no reply , Q.1 What can I do next? Q.2 Will I end up in court? Q.3
  8. sent today , thanks again and i will keep you posted with the reply
  9. Anybody any ideas , im worried sick and cant sleep , what is the worst that can happin to me. and on a brighter note whats the best outcome. thanks there for the reply I live in northern ireland (uk) al along, will i end up in court do you think
  10. well i was on this forum today and am taking on board what was said and am posting letter off tomorrow, what I would like to ask is "if i live in the UK and took out a republic of ireland credit card with an irish bank in that country and payed it well for years and they kept raising the credit limit which was at €12800 and i fell on bad times and now owe €15300 on it and cant afford to pay it, then they get Globle debt recovery to try collect it all at once and threten to sue me for the ballance, this might sound daft but will i have to pay it back ? I asked Globel debt to concider repaymen
  11. what is a cca request,? and if i ignore them will i end up in court?
  12. Hi there I need some help and i dont know if im in the right forum , (hope i am) I live in northern ireland, and owe a visa card €15300. The copany is AIB bank in the republic of ireland, they have now sent this dept to global dept recovery ltd to deal with it, they sent a tex to my wifes mobile (how they got the number i dont know) anyway it was from a Simon Giles and i foned him and he was unreal nasty and told me he had started court proceedings aginist me , I asked him could i come to some sort of arangement for me to pay this as i had fallan on hard times, he was very rude , he said
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