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  1. Text from Letter In particular we refer to the defence you have made against the above proceedings. In an effort to bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion our client is prepared to accept payment of £XXXX by instalments of £xx per month, subject to a consent order which will avoid entry of a county court judgment being registered against you. Then they have enclosed three copies of the Consent order. BY CONSENT 1. The parties having agreed the terms of settlement in the schedlue attached hereto, all further proceedings in this action be stayed save for the purpo
  2. And finally I get a response..... its a settlement of £8000 by consent order monthly payments of £40 which is less than I was paying ?? Nothing about the defence, proof of payments to HSBC. I think this is just an effort to get me to confirm that they have a claim against me 3 days for their 28 days are up.
  3. Ok, great thanks. Ive had no response from Cohens, I thought they would of had a response so far regarding the payments at least!
  4. OK the defence has gone special delivery to be there tomorrow. fingers crossed!! Thank you for your help, I guess it's now wait and see!!
  5. OK thats great thanks, should i note in the defense that I have continued to pay, not received the assigment or default letter or should I wait and see if they tell cl to send me the documents I requested?
  6. Do I need to complete and send the section of the claim form "Defence and counterclaim (specified amount)" or do I just send the defence as above ? Please help I need to make the post today.
  7. So what should I expect to happen once the defence is sent?
  8. Whoops Sorry I haven't defended just acknowleged!!
  9. Thanks ! The date of issue is 05 MAY 2009. I have done the acknowledgement / defended online. When is my 28 days up?
  10. Thanks all, I didn't see your replies before but Cohen call back, Yes they have received all the docs, they have requested copies of what I require from HSBC, and they are asking HSBC to look into payments. They said they can't confirm in writing or say 100% but it does look like they will not proceed with the claim . however it is in HSBC hands to respond to them, perhaps end of next week! I noted time and name of person I spoke to. Where does that leave me? if I acknowledge the claim to defend it and I incurr costs can I claim them back from them? If I leave it and dont acknow
  11. Bank Charges update: June 2003 - Feb 2007 = £958. I am trying to find more statements up to Dec / Nov 2007 thats when I stopped using the account. I called Howard Cohen solicitors for 4th time to clarify that they have received my correspondence, (sent special delivery) and I am still waiting for a call back. typical!
  12. Hi, I have sent my CPR Request to Howard Cohen and Payplan are faxing me proof of payment this afternoon. I havent acknowledged service yet I will do soon. I am currently adding up all the bank charges. and I will scan a copy of the agreement for the Loan. Thanks
  13. I did start to compile the charges a few years ago, this weekend I will drag everything out. Im just so shocked they can go straight to Court without a real attempt at contacting me. And if they are truely involved why have HSBC stopped forwarding payment?
  14. I am sending off the CPR 31.14 (Special Delivery) along with copies of statement showing payments to HSBC. Is there anything else I should do? I dont have a copy of an agreement for the bank account & overdraft. Thank you so much for your help! You really help me to feel a bit more in control!
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