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  1. Hello, This was just posted on another forum by somebody else, it seems Andrew from ACS was fined some time ago. Surely this shows his character is no saint. Infringement of Copyright Notice - 'Two Worlds' - Page 26 - P2Pfreak.com Scroll down on the above page until post 389, there will a link to click on.
  2. Excellent news about Watchdog has the saying goes more the merrier so lets contact them, also try Consumer Direct on reporting a [problem] that I found linked from another forum. https://secure.consumerdirect.gov.uk/reportascam.aspx
  3. I also been to the CAB today, they also advised me to ring Consumer Direct and to reply to ACS Law with a letter of denial. Also if anybody who can not afford a solicitor, I was told some might do a free consultation from 15 to 30 minutes but its best to search around to see if they do this. I will also send a copy of my letter to Watchdog very shortly with the advice that I've been told.
  4. I wonder in 3 months time will the ACS Law firm will be representing another game, music or movie company and go through the same process and send letters out to many people once again who I guess most of them are worried up to their heads by now. I wonder in 3 months time will ACS Law use the undertakings that they would have collected from people who might of signed it and be used against them on possible future cases. I wonder why the game company they are representing is now selling their game but an epic edition version on a game site under a fiver then days later the letters were sent out with a demand figure of 665 pounds. Why not half it without the undertakings form to be signed or ask the people who they sent these letters too to buy this game at this cheap price. I wonder if the Cable Broadband services like Virgin media will be liable for giving their customers name and address to the ACS Law and should have notified their customers on what information they gave out, is it not the customers right to prepare a defence or advice months ahead instead of the 21 days notice to decide and reply that is stated on the ACS letter?. What if lets say ACS was not a so called legit law firm that people state they are and were a criminal organisation and knew where we live. Sorry for all this wondering about but its time for people and like some of you's has said Watchdog to know what is happening and the sooner the better.
  5. Seems somebody has posted a link from another forum to the ZuxxeZ Forum that states this is not a [problem] and eventually take measures if the complaints about the mentioned law firms should be accumulating has somebody on there puts it. Just had a copt infringement letter for 2 Worlds - ZuxxeZ Forum
  6. I like to say great forum all. The so called ACS site is ACS-Law Solicitors I think this forum is getting many guests because many people are getting these letters and for the moment at least there is not many forums out there who are aware of these letters that they are sending out. Here is an example of One of their letters. The letter they send out to some people is sent in an advanced mail Second class envelope that seems quite funny has they give the person who is in question 21 days to pay up/reply back to them or court action. With something that is important has this it should of came in recorded delivery or at least First class post. The letter comes in 4 parts with the 1st stating the persons name and address with the letter starting with Sir or Madam. They mention that they act has solicitors for Reality Pump who are the owner of a game called Two Worlds. Then they represent the evidence with the IP Address in question, Date/time and then the P2P Client/Protocol used. They mention they have used some IT experts called Logitech to gather this information then from pages 2 to 5 states policy what is mentioned in their faq on the ACS site. The letter is then signed by ACS Law. The 2nd part is a statement of the persons name, name of ISP, name of the file with the name Dopeman included, file size, file ID, P2P/Client used, Host IP address, and the Hit date. Turn over the page is an extract of a spread sheet sent to the ISP stating the above information on top of the spreadsheet with below a copy of an extract spreadsheet received back from the ISP to ACS with IP, date and time of the so called offence and with the person in question name and address. The 3rd part is the most amusing has its called an undertakings that states in 3 parts the person who is in question to get rid of the Two Worlds work from the hard drive or any other media and promise not to do it again by agreement to pay the amount of 665 pounds to ACS law by way of damages and to its clent costs incurred to date. They also want an signature of the person in question to agree upon this. The final part is a payment form if they call it that with 4 payment options. 1st is by Cheque made payable to them with the ref number included on it for 665 pounds. 2nd method is Bank Transfer 3rd method is Credit Card with request of the 3 digit security number that is on the back of your card and the 4th method with a debit card with the request of the security number again. At the bottom of the page they request an signature. Sorry for the long post .
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