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  1. i think your misunderstanding me again it's not that i'm a lazy bum that does not want to work the fact is i work from home end of story but if i did want to work i don't have any GCSE's so can i even get work without them?
  2. but the problem with that is that i have no GCSE at all in English or Maths and the last time i was there (few years back) they wanted me to take a 2hr test to see what skill level i was at
  3. this was like 2-3 years back so there was no economic climate back then **** you **** you and **** you to anyways why are you all talking like i'm expecting something from nothing or that i want free money or an amazibng job to fall out the sky? all i was saying is can i get JSA to help with my at home web develpment and all you guy do (other then a few helpful people) is take the **** anyways i expect i'll get banned now so whatever...
  4. yeah it's just last time i was there all they where offering me was factory work and i don't want to do that
  5. what type of unskilled work is out there?
  6. for the third time i have no qualifications so what are my options?
  7. in America they don't need to be looking for work right? and yes i know this is the UK :\ also like i said i have no qualifications so what are my options?
  8. first off i'm not working that was a mistake to say that and it's not really a hobby i just run a few sites in my spare time NOT business i just want to know if i can get some money to help out with the bills etc or do i HAVE to be looking for a job as i have no qualifications and didn't finnish school so i don't think i have any/many options
  9. but i work from home but earn nothing from it can i not get some kind of help?
  10. hi there i'm not working and i'm an at home web developer and i want to know can i claim Jobseekers allowance without having to look for a job as the money will come in VERY handy as i have NO other source of income please advise
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