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  1. How likely is it to be set aside? And can someone please post a link on how to go about it.
  2. I've recently found out I have a CCJ against me. I live in the Australia & my parents have been contacted by Bailiffs. When we left the UK we were in a certain amount of debt & simply didn't have the funds to service the debt & once we arrived out in Aus we went from double to single income, so couldn't even think or repaying. Now a few years down the line we have just put a deposit down on a house so have no funds what so ever to pay debts in the UK. So my question is, does the fact we ran away from the debt & didn't inform any of our creditors of where we were headi
  3. We're looking at this now, supplying them with a PO box address to send their letters to. Letters were never redirected, we left the UK shortly after we'd ended tennancy agreement.
  4. We collected mail from letting agent, no forwarding address was given. I suspect they may have found out from one of our old neighbours.
  5. As no court papers have been served against me, how could there be a CCJ? They seem to have gotten my parents address, though we never actually lived with them & I don't believe there are any CCJ's against me. As far as I know one of my debts was sold on to a debt recovery agency & they're trying their luck. My parents are very vague on who has been calling, found out one of them was student loans, who we had been dealing with & had given them information, but then they stopped communicating. Looked into the set aside thing. Wouldn't be a starter as we tried to settle some
  6. Is this the correct way to address the issue? Just spoken to my parents, have had baliffs calling round their house during the day when they're out & lots of phone calls. Think my Dad will give them my details as he can't cope with the stress. Not a good situation to be in, I can't afford to pay off the debts and they're getting hassle due to this.
  7. Is there anything else you can offer assistance on? At this moment in time we've no idea who's been contacting my parents, need to speak to them but they're currently on holiday. Feels really awful having them getting hassle for our debts.
  8. Hi All I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here. My elderly parents have had loads of phone calls and letters and recently a visit from a very threatening debt collector. We've been out in Aus for near 2 years now and heard nothing about our old debts. I believe we owe around £16,000 on old loans and credit cards. We had a debt management plan in the UK, but couldn't continue it in Aus, as only one of us works here so simply wasn't a possibility. Really could use some urgent advice, so I can stop them pestering my parents. So far they've not told them where we now reside. An
  9. If they have a UK address and you didn't give them an overseas one. I believe they could (please correct me if I'm wrong)
  10. Way too long a thread to read though it all tonight and actually take most of it in. Can anyone do a summary in fairly simple terms? No idea what my UK debts are doing, not working so can't even think about going back onto debt repayment plan. I read about getting a PO box in Aus and getting mail sent there, all my mail goes to my old UK address, have just dumped it all. No notes on who I owed money to etc. Advice anyone?
  11. Got letter back today, account now passed back to ebay and admin fees dropped, have since found out my OH didn't pay her fees and account is in my name lol. Letter worked a treat though as have paid ebay and Intrum got scared off. Hope the other 9 companies I owe are as easy....
  12. Sorry but a civil finance matter would in no way affect PR.
  13. Only have a PO box for address:confused: Not sure how they work but will give it a go.
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