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  1. thanks everyone for the good advice i will do a letter today and send it registered tomorrow will let you know how i get on
  2. Is it legal to take print outs or copies off your credit file? (by yourself i mean)
  3. ps i think my charges on these accounts will be far greater than the £160 i owe them now. with them not having a cca does that mean i can claim all charges back because i have technically ( due to no proof of agreement ) not agreed to paying these, i have only agreed to pay back the debt with interest.
  4. i have just had a look at the sar letter that i have sent to littlewoods and i have only put the account number on for the existing account. i automatically assumed that with the two accounts merging into this last account they would give me statements for all three accounts back to 2003 account 1 was opened on 28/07/1999 account 2 was opened on 19/02/2000 both these accounts were merged to become account 3 on 23/05/2007 littlewoods have sent me the statements going back 6 years, but any statements prior to 23/07/2007 have all got 0 balance on them. I was then sent a spreadsheet
  5. i have looked on experian and i cant see any default notices, wouldnt even know what one looked like to be honest
  6. charges were £277 pound that i put a claim in for, but some of the information was missing on the statements, so i asked them for the rest of the info but they say they dont have it, so i am 4 years worth of information missing
  7. so do i give them another few weeks to come up with the missing information as this has all come about because they wouldnt repay me my charges,
  8. I still want to pay the debt it is only £160 i figured if i kept up payments they cant default the account out of spite
  9. what about the charges they have put on the account can i still claim them back even if they are below the fos recommondation
  10. further to your telephone call of 20/04/2009 concerning your request in relation to a copy of your consumer credit agreement, on checking your account details i can confirm i am unable to locate a copy of your cca. however, i should explain that, whilst a court has power under section 127 of the consumer credit act 1974 to decide that we cannot enforce the agreement, it does not mean that the debt does not exist, there is clear evidence of a credit based relationship between littlewoods shop direct group and yourself. if after we have dealt with your request you are still unhappy an
  11. I cant remember signing one i think it was done over the phone in 2007 but i have a letter stating from them they do not have a cca. i sent the sar on 29/04/2009 so will i have to give them more time
  12. I just wondered are they breaking the law by not sending me the right information that should be on the statements, the ones they sent me were all in code and it took me ages to sort all the charges out. When i phoned them about the missing information i asked them to send me the cca, the letter admitting they could not supply the cca arrived the next day (i didnt have to pay for it) I have also requested the missing information that should have been on the statements, i was told that the information was no longer with them and they would have to look through the archives. once i had
  13. I have already issued them with a sar and the statements they sent back were to 2003, but there were only charges on the statements back to 2007 all the other statements simply said £0 as if i hadnt purchased any goods from them, but on my credit file it clearly shows that i was in arrears for 3, 2, and 1 month all the way through the year on the 2 accounts before they merged them into the one account which i am paying off now. if these accounts were in arrears then prior to 2006 i am sure the charges would be higher than the £10 and £12 thats on the statements that they say are legal ch
  14. Please can someone give me advice re Littlewoods, please forgive me this is my first thread and you've guessed it i am a newbie to all of this. I originally had 2 accounts with Littlewoods and got into difficulty paying them, i contacted Littlewoods and they merged two accounts into one debt in 2007, so overall i have got 3 account numbers. I want to reclaim my charges back so contacted them and received alll statements back for the third account only, they were really difficult to understand but i managed to work out they owed me about £275 but they were all charges for £5 £10 or £12,
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