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  1. Hi Carol, Thank you for your encouraging response. To be honest I am still at the moment disinclined to enter into any dialogue with this company. Since the reposession I have had no contact whatsoever from GE but I suppose my case is further complicated by the fact that I am not even in the UK so communication is difficult. As I understand it GE should have made first contact before appointing a DCA. This may be a silly question but how do I get the template? I'm something of a technophobe unfortunately!
  2. Hi Ell-enn, Thanks for your response & yes I would appreciate it if you could let me have the template letter. Putting the breakdown of the debt to one side I am concerned that my ex-lender (GE Money) have made no attempt to contact me and have merely passed this debt on to a debt collector. Can they do this? Does this not contradict OFT guidance on debt collection agencies? As I said I also cannot find this company on the CCA register. If there is a genuine debt here I am prepared to negotiate a payment schedule despite the fact that I was treated appallingly by GE throughou
  3. Hi Guys I would really appreciate some advice or observations. In October 2008 my house was repossessed by GE Money. To cut a long story short I had to relocate because of work and tried to rent out the house. I told GE of my plan and they refused unless I took out a very expensive (for me) but lucrative (for them) buy to let mortgage. Suffice to say that I could not afford this and their refusal to compromise ensured I defaulted because I could not afford to pay a mortgage & the rent of a house in the area I had moved to. Since the repossession that I didn't contest (
  4. Help!!!! :mad2:I'll keep this as short as possible. In 2007 I relocated and put my house on the market for sale. Sadly, a week before completion the sale fell through. Being committed to move I asked the mortgage company to let us rent out the property as I could not afford the mortgage repayments & the rent on the property I moved into. Suffice to say they refused but offered to switch me to a buy to let mortgage but charge me a heft sum for doing this. I could not afford to do this. Anyway I fell into mortgage arrears and the property was repossessed in October 2007 you may note t
  5. Hi Hunni-Bee, The advice you have been given by Ida is excellent. Basically, this "tactic" is designed to unsettle someone who may have something to hide but it is arbitary and makes no distinction to those who have genuinely nothing to hide. It instills a "what i have done wrong" thought to the innocent. In a past life I worked in compliance for HMRC and similar tactics were used. The upshot is that you've nothing to hide, they probably know that, so I wouldn't worry
  6. 8)Thanks diddydicky, I hope one day Katherine & Nigella becomes a reality for you!
  7. Thanks Bazooka Boo, I am much reassured by your response. I now know for certain that they have no legal rights here and if (as one has threatened) they try to get a UK CCJ I believe the UK court will throw it out as soon as they realise that the debtor is non UK resident.
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for the above (and dicky wicky, aren't you being a tad greedy!) Anyway, apologies for not responding recently, I've not been able to log on for a few days. On my original thread I mentioned that I have two issues and wouldn't you believe it, yesterday I received a letter from a company in Preston called Iqor (formerly Legal & Trade) threatening another doorstep visit to collect a debt I have with a HBOS credit card. I mean what is this with home visits? Have they suddenly realised where I live and fancy a holiday whilst at the same time collecting a debt or two?
  9. Sorry, I forgot to say that I've been Jersey resident since April 2008, I am an outsider, if it helps I am now considered non UK resident (courtesy of HMRC) but as my background is in tax work this was easy enough to confirm.
  10. Thanks chaps there is quite a bit of reassuring information here for me. Incidentally, I'm on Jersey. I must admit that part of me feels that "Snot Call", (nice one, gave me a chuckle) are chancing their arm with a bit of intimidation. I believe that on occasion UK DCA's have sold debts to their Jersey equivalents but this is highly unusual. Anyway, I have a bit of reading up to do now!
  11. Hi, I would appreciate some advice/guidance on the following. There are 2 issues. I live in the Channel Islands, I've been here just over a year. Before moving here my UK house sale fell through and late in 2008 the house was repossessed. I am now being pursued for payment of a HIP. In a nutshell I cannot afford to pay this even though it is a relatively small amount (£466). The "debt" has now been passed to a company called Scot Call who are threatening to visit my home to collect the debt. I suppose my question is, and bearing in mind where I live, can they do thi
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