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  1. Hi, Bit complicated this, but its related to an application for finance and the reasons for being turned down. I have strong reason to believe there is bias going on between the admissions and my nominated referees. I want to know if I can SAR the university to see if the people they say they have/havent had contact with either by email, post or phone is true. Im particularly interested in emails and telephone calls. So is this possible? Ta
  2. Both my sons are in the same predicament - however, they are at home for the summer as it is an easy solution. Although I know its not possible for everyone. I would advise you to seek advice relating to income support and housing benefit. It is particularly relevent to you as you rent. These were avenues my sons were told to explore but in the end as I say, I just told them to come home. Perhaps talk to your student advisor - thats what they're there for (I mean they are supposed to help you in situations like this) - as well as the benefits office.
  3. Having received contradicting letters from CQ and Cap1, this is now going forward to the police as CQ are demanding money under the MC account number which they say is the 'new' account number given to me when I reported my card lost/stolen???? Id like to know when I did that - Ive never done any such thing. On top of that the number they quote as the 'new' number is the VISA number??? Additionally, Cap1 are demanding repayment of one of the account numbers also. Police say this borders on deception and so I must SAR Cap1 and CQ separately.
  4. I have never received a copy of their complaints proceedure - but I did speak (unexpectedly) to the Director. Should I still ask for complaints proceedure or what?
  5. Littlewoods have now sent a copy of the agreement. Can anyone have a look at it to see if its enforceable please?
  6. TBH I have to chase mine up - Ive given them all waaaay too much time and now the phone calls are starting again *sigh*. My time has been taking up with a possible police investigation relating to a mastercard account. All heavy stuff and my head is exploding. Once Ive gathered all my stuff and had a good read through, I may be able to post up some useful stuff. One thing I have discovered is that although all the catalogues mentioned in this thread come under the umbrella of the Shop Direct Group, they dont seem to talk to each other. I believe thats because each account was opened with
  7. Well, Im really happy for you - but Im still waiting for my £7 refund from BT ....
  8. One of my cats hangs of the ridge on my front door - and she's fascinated with the downstairs guest w.c. Many a visitor has been startled by her as they exit the wc - she sits in front of the door until someone comes out. She also cant catch anything - I've seen her try to catch a butterfly but failing miserably - sad sight!! My other cat's just greedy. She'd eat a whole tub of pills if you put it in her food bowl.
  9. Just had a check with my Cap1 Visa card account. That was opened early 2004 and it took 1 year and 8 months to get the PPI taken off my account. However, it appears I never received a refund. Then the PPI Suddenly reappears a year later and this time I kicked up a bigger fuss and they refunded a measly £69.66 and 2 finance charges of .38p and .12p respectively - that took 7 months
  10. Yup. There's always a sting - by the time your contract is up you will have paid more than £125 for the privilege of receiving your refund - Its always a BT win - You lose, situation. Im so glad Im free from them....
  11. Excellent qualities - patience, respect and non-agressive selling! You are the type of salesperson Im most likely to approach for advice/help as long as you appear approachable - as opposed to a salesperson who stands around and looks obviously uninterested in the customers.
  12. Oh! Heapo big misunderstanding - sorry, now I get it! - although I'd never advocate it - and er... Im a woman!
  13. I know for a fact that if your negotions are done through an outside agency such as CCCS or CAB, they have to talk to them. The only other way, as far as I know, is to threaten to take them to court - somewhere else on this forum gives advice on that. Did you provide them your incomings/outgoings? Or did you just write explaining your situation and offer them £1?
  14. How can that be true? I live alone and I get a single person's discount on my council tax bill.
  15. I would never threaten them physically as it would do me no good considering my disability, which is exasperated by stress. And I certainly would not threaten them verbally (I let them do that to me when they cant get me flustered) AND I really dont want to sink to their level which is below the lowest! Well said! (btw which latin do you speak?)
  16. Thank you. They are sending me a copy of their complaints procedure and I have spoken to OFT & TS who have made notes if Im unhappy with the outcome of the complaint. One thing I did think about after speaking to OFT, was the fact that if they supply a SAR, it has to include comments made by the agent/customer service rep. Im sure this cretin made notes, as he seems to be unaware of some of the guidelines laid down. It would be interesting to see if he has & if so, what those may be. If they are negative or derogatory, it will boost my complaint about the treatment I received from
  17. I appreciate what your saying - but it doesnt stop you from looking. Yes secure jobs are hard to find, but it doesnt matter where you go, any company can give as little as 3 months to 1 year trial period. (Im assuming you have worked there for 1yr+?) What Im saying to you is, stick it out as long as you can while you look for something else. You are obviously unhappy, and you may well stay unhappy or become even more unhappy while you work there. Thats not going to be good for your health or your performance. So you have to look at the prospect of staying in a job you really dont like bec
  18. Hi, thanks for your response, however I have been advised by my solicitor (who's dealing with something more serious for me) that I should always receive a correct NoA from someone if the debt is being passed on - in-house or otherwise. Ive also been given same advice on this forum (unless I have misunderstood that advice - which I hope isnt the case considering my perception of it has gone into several letters :-|). One thing I do know for sure, is I do not have to make arrangements with them because they dont own the debt and Im not obliged to deal with them if the OC has agreed to deal
  19. Thank you. the cretin I spoke to today (i know i shoudnt have) is a really, really nasty little snot - I wouldnt be surprised if he made a point of making the visit himself.
  20. [quote=micko19;2164083Quote: If they were however to successfully challenge I still don't think from the cursory look I have given that the document, if it were to be accepted as an agreement, is within the strict rules of CCA and later regulations. The OFT documents that sets out the regulations is a useful place to start http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/bus...dit/oft018.pdf I think they may have failed on the form and content of the document as described in the guidance. It is difficult to read on the posting so I am not sure. If the copy held is as unclear as this I would also throw i
  21. Whats the 'no doorstep visit letter'? & where can I find it? (sorry for hijacking thread but been threatened with doorstep visit today).
  22. Talking to my sister for over 3 hours on the phone after not hearing from her for nearly 2 years
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