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  1. So Banks don't have to comply with the law then? In any other business a contract is essential and kept safely for such occasions as a dispute. It stops companies changing the rules/terms to enrich themselves and/or disadvantage the other client. So, make it up as we go along and change things to suit ourselves whenever we feel like it!! That's an unfair contract is it not?
  2. Hi MandM, thanks for that; why doesn’t it surprise me that it’s very difficult to claim anything under that act In our case the only deposits in the account was a fortnightly sum listed as DWP on the statements. Hard to deny that they were unaware of it being benefit but no doubt they would do. It seems incredible that people in receipt of benefit, who are forced to have it paid in to a Bank account, can then have their subsidence level income robbed by the very people they are forced to use. There must be some form of redress, even at Government level for their insistence on
  3. Interesting thread; I have a family member who is also trying to claim hardship. Their charges amount to well over £1000 over a two year period and in the end they had to open another account so there was some of their benefit left once it was deposited! The claim was made with schedule of charges, proof of benefit and yet the Bank just sent a letter saying “we won go away”. I’m just pondering what the next move is. The fos has never struck me as being very fair but may report to them if it’s worthwhile? Surely someone on basic benefit qualifies as hardship and any attempt by Ban
  4. Parry

    HSBC Hardship

    A member of family has submitted a claim for charges under hardship. Their only income is state benefit due to ill health so no doubt as to their hardship. HSBC has however sent the “we won at court, go away” letter. They have written back to HSBC to question why no hardship claim has been offered but received a letter saying “we stick by our original decision”. There is no mention of it being a hardship application in their reply, just the normal we won dialogue. The charges amount to over £1000 and represent a huge proportion of their benefit income. The benefit payment has be
  5. No mention of credit cards and the rates at all. Seemed a bit like a long advert for the coming new Banks and almost saying until then nothing will change :-|
  6. The way the goalposts keep being moved by the Banks is scandalous, but as said, who in authority takes any notice? One of my cards is now at 20% and when I questioned why the advertised rate, even now, was around 12% I was told that this was the “typical APR”, individual customers rates may vary. How does that work then? With rates at 0.5% and interbank lending around the 10% how do they justify interest rates of 20% plus? It makes a complete mockery of the importance of Bank of England base rates as they now bear no relation to interest rates paid by customers. Has anyo
  7. Decided to revisit this as RBS are charging high interest and as I can only just manage to pay the minimum each month I will be dead before it’s paid off at this rate! The account has been closed by RBS due to late payments/payment history. (according to them) This was done without any communication to me, no default notice, no chance to remedy, just closed. I didn’t even realise it had been terminated; I only found out when I called to say I had not received my new card since the old one’s date had expired. On top of this, they seem to be charging interest at cash advance level
  8. On that basis then it makes a mockery of the ‘within the four corners of the agreement’ argument does it not? Any pages added can easily read similar, just with the added prescribed terms to make the agreement enforceable. Substituting/altering pages with no signature is a lot easier than ones with a signature as when the original is supplied, as is required in court, then the unsigned parts could not be told apart. There is also the opportunity to alter maximum rates and such like in the banks favour with no signature to show that, that what was agreed to at the time. If
  9. Been reading up on credit agreements and giving this some more thought. This agreement is on three separate pages, the one page containing the signature does not contain any of the required prescribed terms. Being on separate pages, albeit numbered, means the pages without the signature could be altered at any time and just substituted for any originals. Surely this can’t be right? That would mean the terms of the agreement could be altered at will and always appear that you had signed in agreement. At the moment they are charging very high interest charges and are totally unapp
  10. Standard colourful threatogram Mikey, Full of ‘mays’ and ‘ifs’. DCA’s like to send red documents but the colour and vague threats don’t make an agreement enforceable ;-) I suggest file it and forget.
  11. I have a similar dilemma with a cca from mint. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/royal-bank-scotland/248478-parry-mint.html has the details and copy of what's been sent. I have looked at both mine and Duffychick's and they appear similar in that mine also runs to three pages. Not sure if mine is enforceable or not having now looked at this thread. Are all Mint agreements similar or did they change them at some point?
  12. Thanks spark911, was just being a bit hopeful really :-| Seems as if they can choose not to send a new card, charge high interest rates and apply charges with impunity. Will do a claim for charges but no doubt that will be met with the same response, even though credit card charges were not included in the Supreme Court hearing. They all seem to be using that judgement as carte blanche to do as they please. The fact that these activities hit the poorest people already struggling makes it all the more abhorrent.
  13. Well I have received an agreement from my cca request from Mint. I think it is enforceable; it is on three separate pages but I guess this could have originally been one document folded over. My signature is there but no other signature. There doesn’t seem to be a place for the Banks signature either, not sure if that is relevant? Have enclosed pics of agreement for any advice.
  14. Hi Mikey25, They are just trying it on. They know full well that an enforceable agreement has not been sent but continue to hide the fact and claim otherwise. They all do it and hope they worry folk enough to respond; don’t fall in to their trap. They are persistent but keep all correspondence and never speak to them on the phone and they will eventually get the message. It does seem difficult but they really can’t enforce anything despite their claims to the contrary.
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