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  1. Thank you. Do you know what will happen next? Just so as I know what to expect?
  2. It seems very badly ut together, all the information on settling out of court is badly photocopied and the signature page is tacked on behind it and could very easily be missed.
  3. The only N number I can see on it is in te bottom left hand corner N149A?
  4. Hi, just to update. I had a letter from the courts back in April (3rd April) to say the defence had been received and a copy served on the claimant and they have 28 days to respond. I then received a letter from Cohen's dated the 4th May stating they were in receipt of my letter (dated 4th March) and had requested the documents from their client. Today I have received a letter from the court dated the (9th May) stating that this is now a defended claim and it appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims court and that I must complete the small claims
  5. Ah, will that throw a spanner in the proverbial? They still haven't responded t my request.
  6. I didn't want to assume anyone would be up that late to give me advice and If I left it to today then I might have missed te deadline. My fault for leaving it too late. This is what I sent. Dear sirs 1. It is admitted with regards to the Defendant having use of a facility to overdraw with the original creditor Nationwide Bank. 2. The defendant denies that the alleged amount was for finance service or goods but is as a result of unfair and extortionate bank charges/penalties being applied to the account. 3. I refute the claimants claim is owed or payable. The amount claim
  7. Submitted, thank you again. Will let you know the outcome.
  8. Sorry, didn't see your reply before I posted mine. Thank you so much, I didn't expect that this time of night.
  9. Am I able to submit a defence stating that I am unable to defend myself against the claim as the claimant has not provided me with the requested information in the form of the CPR 31.14? That is the only way I can see of defending at the moment.
  10. Oh gosh, what an idiot, you are right, it is the 3rd. I work such erratic hours I have lost track of time. Sorry. I don't expect you to work any miracles.
  11. Hi, Just to catch up to say I have received nothing back I response from HpH2 have been looking at the defences as you suggested. Not sure which one I should use as I did know about the account and I did, at some point, pay some off it so don't feel I can say I didn't now about it in my defence (if you get my drift) Would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks
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