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  1. hi cerberusalert,thanks for the speedy reply i have just printed out the letter and will give it to my brother in law for him post off to them and will wait and see what they will do next
  2. hi just a little update on this,a couple of days ago i received an e-mail from payplan asking me to contact one of my creditors as they could not match reference numbers for the account i have been paying through payplan,so i rang them and gave them all my previous addresses and they could not locate any account for me,so was wondering if i should cca them and go from there,after all if they have no info on me why have they been taking money from me for two years
  3. hi i am writing to you very knowledgeable people on behalf of my brother in law,he had a car on finance in december 2002,and when it was delivered it was in a unsatisfactory condition,so he got hold of the supplier/financer and had it removed to be made to a satisfactory standard but when it was returned it hadn't been touched so he was understandably irritated by thid and phoned them up and told them to come and take the car,which they did in january 2003 and he was refusing to make any payments on it,and to this day he has not,he has recently had letters from Marlin Financial Services saying
  4. this is black horse 1 this is black horse 2 this is black horse 3 this is welcome finance 1 this is welcome finance 2 i hope these are of use to somebody and can help clarify if the agreements are legal and above board,i should add i am in a dmp and am not trying to wriggle out of any financial commitments just looking to see how i stand on the enforceability/unenforceability dilemma a lot of people are in,if anymore info is needed by someone more clued up on this than me please let me know what you need and i will try to do what i can.the
  5. i have 2 of the 8 agreements which can be uploaded there is one from black horse which my wife and i signed at their office with them but on the conditions i took out the accompanying payment protection and one from welcome finance which was posted to me ,signed and sent back to their local office about ten miles away which was stamped as a day later when i had signed it
  6. where would i post up any agreements i have,is there an appropriate forum
  7. thanks for the link scott i will take a look and see
  8. hi andydd thanks for the speedy reply the one thing i was wondering and i really dont understand is someone said if the loan agreements dont have a statement saying about a cooling off period then its not enforceable but there are loopholes to this
  9. hi i am not sure if loan agreements i have are enforceable/unenforceable,a company called Beneficial Claims have said they will find out for a fee of £150,but i dont want to give them the money just to find out there is nothing wrong with the agreements as all i would have achieved is adding £150 to my debts,is there anyone on this brilliant site that could help me to find out for myself although legal wording just confuses the hell out of me so a lot of the paragraphs in the 1974 act is mumbo jumbo to me. I do have a couple copies of the loan agreements which i could upload if necessary for
  10. thanks for the quick reply rooster but re:appropriate forums there are quite a few on here any pointers for me to where to head for?thanks for your time
  11. hi all newbie here so please be gentle lol.Here is an account of what is going on from my financial viewpoint. i have, as a lot of people have, found myself on occasions with the need to take out personal unsecured cash loans for one reason or another (in all incl.credit card there are 8 accounts) totalling now £7000 but at the start they were twice that.It got to the point when i lost my job through an accident at work when i was struggling to pay them but things came to a head in feb 07 when i found myself unemployed again after moving to another part of the country because of personal tra
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