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  1. shumail

    Need help ASAP

    can you please remove the whole thread thanks for your help
  2. shumail

    Need help ASAP

    i have not been sent any default notice from experto credite limited or brachers, brachers have been writing to me and calling me for over a month i have not been in contact with experto or brachers and have not informed them i have lost my job or anything... how can i stop them from taking any further action??
  3. shumail

    Need help ASAP

    i did make payments before but stopped as i lost my job, i made min payments etc.. the house is single owned
  4. shumail

    Need help ASAP

    reposting the letter very soon
  5. Hi guys i am not sure if i am posting in the correct place feel free to move the post if need i received a letter from a law firm * which i have attached * my question is can the firm take a charging order against my house if the actual loan/credit card was an unsecured loan/credit card? can i CCJ be applied for after this long? what can i do to make them go away? the loan/credit card was taken out back in 2002/2003 i have received a number of calls from the law firm but i have not spoken to them i hope to reply as soon as i can please provide me w
  6. Hi! I am going to try and keep this short as possible, back in nove2010 my car was clamped by newly debt collection due to a unpaid parking ticket which was issued by Camden council, the vehicle was taken away by newlny. The debt collection company asked me to make a payment of around £1500 for the vehicle to be given back to me which I refused to pay as the parking ticket issued was incorrect which I am still disputing with Camden council, as the vehicle is on hp with welcome the debt collection company got in touch with welcome to inform them that they have their v
  7. hey guys no luck with welcome still... they are not willing to return the vehicle what can we do?
  8. i need to go postggj i will check PM late and reply thank you so much for you help so far
  9. oh ok, back to my post please help!!!!!!!
  10. late last week i guess... because i spoke to you on here early last week
  11. it was on the road, first the guy clamped it and then my friend called him to ask him what his playing at etc... he explained that welcome hired him and told him to collect the car or the arrears in full, my friend explained to him i have no job i am able to make a "minor" payment to cover up some arrears he said no and told him to call his office. when he called the FiS office they didnt have the correct amount of the arrears and told him to call back, rather then calling back he called welcome and they said its nothing to do with us call FiS his stuck in the middle i guess....
  12. No postggj you informed me to get him to get a CCA which he did and then today they came to get the car... can welcome do this? also can FiS knock on his door at 07:13am?!?!?!?
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