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  1. And I do plan to continue using the car park so I hope they don't clamp me haha
  2. let's hope that's the case! I'll hold fire for the time being I think Thanks a lot for the advise guys, much appreciated..i'll be back should there be any developments.
  3. Please excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid comment but if byelaw breaches can be pursued as a criminal matter via the Magistrates' Court, would I not be putting myself in it a bit if I was to report them to the Transport Police? Or I am not even in breach of the byelaws??
  4. Sorry one more question as well. If you believe reporting them to the Transport Police to be the best option, do you know how I can go about doing this? I have looked on their website but it's not really that clear.. thanks
  5. Thanks. I may just do that! In the mean time should I completely ignore the notice? It would be interesting to see what action the transport police would take. I find it astonishing they are able to operate in this way when what they are doing is clearly not legal.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner but this is what it says : Parking Contravention Charge Notice NOTICE OF BREACH OF RAIL BYELAWS Date of Offence/issue etc etc Violation: Parked in a pay and display car park without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket. a contravention charge of £50 is now payable within 28 days or a reduced charge at £25 will be accepted in full and final settlement if payment is received by nation car parks limited within 14 days. If payment is not received within 28 days, national car parks limited will comme
  7. Fair play. I'll have a read through and post it up on here if you'd be happy to help further?
  8. yes - what determines whether or not it is fraudulent?
  9. Thanks Crem. In that case I'm hoping no bylaws were quoted! Do you know how you would know if it is correctly issued under bylaws, or if they shouldn't claim them? Again, assuming no bylaws are quoted - should I respond using one of the template letters or ignore them until they actually send me something through the post? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the quick response. In all honesty I haven't had a chance to look at the ticket is great detail but will check it out later. If they have claimed to issue it under railway byelaws then, from your response, I assume this would be invalid? Assuming it doesn't quote railway byelaws, does this mean it isn't fraudulent and requires payment?
  11. Good Afternoon All I have been reading through the boards the last couple of days with great interest. I must apologise if a similar query has already been posted, I have looked but haven't managed to find anything that has much resemblance to my personal situation. For the past couple of months I have been parking at my local station before getting the train to work - I pay for this weekly online. However on Monday I stupidly forgot to pay for this weeks ticket and subsequently returned from work to find a penalty charge stuck to my windscreen. From reading through articles on
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