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  1. Thanks for the info. The reason they previusly said it would not go to court was due to my benefits and ill health, yet they state they received no info from me. They keep asking for another financial statement and I dont think they should get another, it doesnt help things are changing with when I get my money and am given a loan to tide over a few weeks to two weekly in arrears like most people. So I feel they are deliberately abusing process because they know they are on a loser with me. Any how back to sence will send them a default of cca request as I havnt sent that yet. I j
  2. I have been in communication with them since last year. I have requested copy of agreement and have it confirmed verbally three times they are aware of my request. They have not sent it and today said they would send it, fair enough. Trouble is even though I am in poor health and they are aware of this, they have been adding nearly 50.00, yep 50.00 a month interest and charges to the account. Today I pleaded again for them to suspend charges as had sent three financial statements and proof of health issues from hospital and they still carrry on. One man almost laughed at me w
  3. ps. The company is listed as reality logistics and answers 'shop direct'. Not my reality.
  4. Found the adress and number on google, doesnt list number as shop direct or ndr. Phoned and a woman answered 'shop direct' and then proceded to tell me ndr were based there. Why dont the make cca requests and relevant adress clear, of course I now know, they dont like answering them, in my personal experience of course. I asked why when ringing ndr or shop direct official numbers do they insist they are not related to be told 'well yeh I know' when I said its hard to set up token payments to them when they each refer you to each other.
  5. The plot thickens. Just rang this adress found it on google and a woman answered 'shop direct' I asked why ndr refered back to them to be told NDR are ready for this BASED THERE. So for future reference and complaints use above x She confirmed what we already know shop direct and ndr are the same company, so why the hell make out they are not related when dealing with them. Odd thing is phone number is listed to reality logistics.
  6. I had same fault and within warranty, they tried to fob me off but I was ready to march down to an apple store for argument. I put my ipod under sofa to keep safe till next morning and later son moved the sofa looking for it and crunch. I was gutted and have to manage with a shuffle now. Me and my safe hiding places
  7. I have got a thread of my battle with littlewoods/ndr and the changing adresses for sending cca request to. My other thread goes on a bit so just wondered if any of you legals knew why they were now after me saying I had complained to trading standards/consumer direct about them that they told me this was who to send it to now: Karen Iliff Bolton Office Thynne st Bolton Greater Manchester BL3 6AX Querying because they for some reason do not want me to put reference to ndr cca request on letter, he was very insistant on that. Thanks
  8. Just phoned ndr again (I know will be last time just to make a point and then in letter form) I found a letter from them where I have made a reference to recording and the name of woman I spoke to some months ago. It states spoke to **** and told she would secure me a copy of the agreement. Well they have obviously a worse memory than me, but I have the tape. Told them today I have complained about them and they have now given me another adress to send the cca request to and wondered if anyone familiar with this person, is it legit. I had to query it because he didnt want me to put
  9. Thanks. Will send cca request to NDR as they are persuing me and copy of request to shop direct. They cant weedle out of it then.
  10. Thanks will do. ps. They also said they again although not accepting token payment(ndr) that is would not freeze account and charges. Littlewoods said it was ndr who would accept token payments:confused: Well bless them carry on, they wont get the money from me anyhow, blood and stone comes to mind. I have asked for help since november and treat like stepped in something, so attitued has changed from fear to anger, growl.....
  11. Must admit hissy fit from ndr represenatative was a corker. We at least inform you a call maybe recorded, you are not allowed by law to not let us know. I told them and it is the case I have a poor memory blighted by these companies telling confusing info, so its better to keep a reference as of course they like to get me to call, bless em. I told her it was not against the law, but did look odd to anyone trying to query why ndr say they are no way related to littlewoods and yet littlewoods eventually said they are the same company and even switch calls to them via switchboard.
  12. D'you know I think ndr are deliberatley obstructing me, they told me not to send one to them as it would not be processed send only to littlewoods. I'll send it to NDR then, sod em and copy to shop direct. Thanks.
  13. Sent on in months ago and they said it was not recieved. Could anyone confirm the adress they sent a request to and had a reply or correspondence, I think they are leading me a not so merry dance. ps. Anyone else got letter heads with littlewoods on it and when you ring NDR answer, they are swearing blind I am replying to a NDR letter, but I know the difference between two and replied to littlewoods about dodgy default sent, NDR answered. I think they have split personality8) I want to send another request by special post to make a point:-D
  14. Hi, been looking at this site for months and learnt a lot and decided to register. Here goes. Requested cca and sent 1.00 to littlewoods start of the year, heared nothing. Phoned them to chase and told they would not speak to me anymore and had passed it to a outside dca, NDR. NDR would not accept any token payment as not enough they said and new nothing of the cca request so told me to chase littlewoods, who each time passed me to NDR. NDR made it clear they were 'not' anything to do with littlewoods and I had to pay them because they said so. I told them as they were no
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