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  1. Southampton Way is one of the top 'earners' for Camden Council. I was fined for entering a bus lane nearby, but, I went back a checked; No sign was in place. It had not been reinstated after roadworks. Camden cancelled the fine, but, when I asked them if they were going to refund all the other motorists that had been fined I was informed that if they contacted Camden a refund would be given!
  2. As I have found to my cost, proving "ancillary" losses through the defendants actions is nigh on impossible. The Judge in my case said"...presumably arrangement can be made to return the Claimant's vehicle" and that was that, end of. I had to go back to court for an Injunction to have my car inspected before I removed it, as it was, it was only suitable for spares. Can I go back to Court, no. I "won" my case. The major point in my case; the whole reason for bringing it in the first place has come to nothing. Mercedes-Benz can lie and cheat as much as they want and if a customer complain
  3. I, like you, went to law to address the wrong done to me by Mercedes-Benz, all the way up to a Law Lord. Like you I "won" my case but, the costs of doing so crippled me financially. Its not Justice; its the Law. It is little wonder that large company's, with their financial clout and legal departments get away with robbing their customers with impunity. What you did was right.
  4. Yes, well done. One must remember its a court of LAW, NOT, justice.
  5. What was the Warranty given when you bought the chassis?
  6. Hi, I have sent you an e-mail as requested. Robert
  7. On the 30th of November 2005 my S500L was recovered to Mercedes-Benz Chelsea's workshop for warranty work. I was subsequently asked for £6,640 as the damage to the car was "caused by you or somebody known to you". This was not true as proved in the trial at the County Court. Now, in 2014, I have reached the end of a long and expensive legal action and it is time to tell my story. I am looking for a person(s) to help me turn this long and complicated story into a concise easy to follow story. I have tried several times , but, its the old story, that, as I have lived with this fo
  8. A very comprehensive posting, but, I must take issue with Consumer Direct. I did telephone them about the problems I was having with Mercedes-Benz UK and the "advice" I was given was puerile. I have no intention of removing my car from MB Wandsworth until I have had a full inspection. All damage and repairs needed to bring the car back to a roadworthy condition noted as I have had previous experience of Mercedes-Benz's "Customer Care".
  9. Good luck to you, but, remember, once legal action has started it becomes very, very expensive. Try to stick to the Small Claims Court. My dispute with Mercedes-Benz is in its fourth year and has cost £40,000 and it is not yet over!
  10. Mercedes-Benz "fried" my electrics and tried to charge me £6,800 for the repair
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