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  1. Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately I'm not a member of a Union. I did call a couple on the day I got suspended but they said there wasn't a lot they could do as it was too short notice. My manager has said I can't have anyone accompany me in the investigatory meeting, but if it goes to the disciplinary stage I can. EDIT - As I posted this late last night, I was extremely exhausted and completely forgot to add something pretty important!! I applied for a job a few weeks ago before any of this happened and I have had my second interview today. I'm pretty certain I will get of
  2. Hi all, I work as an administrator within the care sector. One day last week I was working in my office as normal. I went onto the unit to get a cup of tea and was told by a nurse that a member of staff had been suspended. I had absolutely no knowledge of this until the nurse told me. We then (a group of 4) had a light hearted discussion about a previous incident (that I didn't know much about) which we all thought could be the reason for the member of staff getting suspended, and that was it. The same nurse that told me about the suspension, then went and told my manager t
  3. Well me and my partner went in today to pay what we paid last week, they asked us to step into the office so they could discuss our account. The lady said in order for them to help us we need to help them, pretty much all they wanted to do is give the stuff back. She said they could downgrade a couple of the items, but when my partner said to them will half payment still be enough to cover all these downgraded items she went silent and couldn't give an answer. So absolutely no logic in that what so ever. So we told her we'd pay what we came to pay and leave it at that. We also told her th
  4. Yeah i gave a copy of the letter to the guy at BH, to cancel all the OSC, going to post a copy to head office aswell. I think what we plan to do is keep making the payments we can afford, get the OSC taken off and see how much is left on the items we've had longest, then TRY to pay those off and give the more recent one back. Thanks for the advice clemma Hopefully we won't have to deal with these people for much longer, i can safely say we will NEVER go back to them, rather go without!
  5. Went in saturday and told the guy that I couldn’t do the full payment because work had cut my hours and I had hardly any cash, he said he would get “accounts” to come speak to me. This guy was more like a manager I told him the problem and he asked how long I thought it would be until we were back to normal. I said I didn’t know and for now we were in touch with a debt agency. He said BH wouldn’t speak to them and they would only speak to us. I said that’s fine which is why I'm stood in front of him. He then said there is another option we can consider, we can give one of the items
  6. Thanks, will get that printed off and sent asap. So from what i can gather the one we've had longest isn't a real priority to them so they wouldn't bother going out their way for that, but the more recent ones we have, they would turn up to try and get them back. Would they be likely to get a court order to gain access? What sort of position would we be in if we refused to return them? Reason i say this is because over the last few years we have paid them THOUSANDS of pounds, so just handing things back just seems like it's money down the drain. But obviously if it's going to put myself i
  7. I do yes and up until now i've not realised you can cancel it. But as i'm due to pay this saturday i don't think i have time to get it cancelled as you apparently can't do it when you're in arrears?
  8. Thank you, i have posted in there. Teach me not to look around the forums properly! lol
  9. Hi, Another member pointed me in this direction so thought i'd ask here. Basically i just want advice regarding my BH account. I have three items, one i have been paying for 2 years and have a year left, one i have been paying for nearly a year with a year left, and one which i got just before christmas, with about 2 and a half years left. It's got to the point where my debts are taking over and i can't afford the £34 a week payments to them, my next payment is due this saturday and i have no idea what to do about it. As i am considering BR due to the amount of other d
  10. this is what they said. Hello, Bright House agreements are not standard debts they are set up as hire purchase agreements. If you were to default on a HP agreement this would put the item at risk.
  11. Thanks i'll do that. Have you any idea why CCCS would say that BH is a priority and needs to be paid? As it worried be a fair bit when they said that.
  12. Okay. I know what you mean about council tax. I can't even afford to be paying BH the half that CCCS have said i should give them, so should i just stop paying altogether and offer them £1 or whatever i think i can afford? My only issue is that if i offer them the £1, it will be years upon years before they're even close to being paid off, as opposed to going bankrupt where i'll only have it on my file for 6 years.
  13. Hi, thanks Yeah we're claiming for everything possible, we're not entitled to housing/council tax benefit as i earn too much apparently, and my partner isn't entitled to any benefits for the same reason. So only benefits we get are Child/working tax credits and Child benefit.
  14. The problem is that i don't even have £1 spare at the end of the month. If i were to offer all the creditors £1 per month i'd have to stop paying something like TV License, to be able to pay it. I have no uncessary outgoings at the present time, all bills which need to be paid. I recently offered the council £60 a month for the arrears ontop of this years, however i've not yet been able to commit to paying this years so i'm not in arrears with that, i've just been paying the £60. Including this years we owe around £2500 We've been in arrears with council tax for about 2 years now and
  15. I dont have much of a choice going bankrupt. It might only be 10k and there are people in worse situations than me but if i dont do it the council will. CAB also cant make a pay scheme for me as there is no income spare after the council have finished with me. I dont see there to be much of an alternative. Have you got any reasons for going with payplan? I dont see how the banks will benefit from me? I did try them but they couldnt call me at times when i could answer all the questions i need to.
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