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  1. First all well done! Second of all thanks for sharing your good news! Dealing with these companies are awful and many many people are struggling. So well done you for getting control of over the situation!
  2. Hi thank you for taking the time to comment - much appreciated! Yes the whole idea is that there will be a pool of money to pay for legal representation at the hearing in the form of a barrister or solicitor. AS for the interaction with the Pro Bono unit - honestly do you really think they would represent us ? No it seems from what I have read they direct their funds to other types of cases. I have no idea what FRU stands for. I appreciate it will take a while to build u a fighting fund but I believe if we all pull together we can do it. As for determining cas
  3. May I also add, I would really appreciate feedback And I would love suggestions for a more apt name !
  4. Hi Guys Firstly may I say I find this (& other) forums absolutely fantastic and it's a great platform for thrashing out / learning / research and help It's great to converse with like minded people. But there is just one problem ....and from the people I have spoken to, I am not the only one. Let me explain. We have a scary, unnerving and stressful legal issue, a lender is taking us to court for one reason or another such as our home is being repossessed or a debt we have not paid. So we come on to the forum, get tons of great help and advice and work out that w
  5. Hi Nat I am sorry to hear of your difficultites. Perhaps you could clarify a couple of things; What are your grounds for set aside application?
  6. i know how hard it is and frustrating. There is nothing you can do in regards to taking action against the letting agent for not protecting your deposit sooner. you need to focus on getting your money back.
  7. Well the process of getting your money back will be dependent on which scheme the landlord or letting agents uses. There are 3 main ones but bear in mind some letting agents are also authorised. do you know which scheme? The landlord / letting agent should really conduct a check out of the property within days of your vacating it. It will be at this point any disputes arise. The letting agent SHOULD give you an opportunity to rectify any faults and prior to getting any work done they MUST have your consent and at least 2 quotes. You should be able to claim / write to the
  8. I too have a secured loan with Kensington and cannot make out how on earth they have calculated the interest. I have checked out my terms and conditions but it does not mention any reference to KMC standard rate but I guess that is because it is a secured loan as opposed to the first mortgage maybe. That aside, as I said I cannot work out how they calculate the interest. For example, the expected monthly payment is £399 but the interest added on the same date is £607 ???? It really doesn't make sense. Also the terms of the agreement state the first payment is due on the
  9. inventory - i will forward you a template to follow and step by step instructions - if you follow them you will reduce any risk and insure against damage. Agreement - must be compliant - oft complaint if poss. - can provide you with one. And give you instructions. A few other things but pm me and i will assist and advise. I have tons of experience in lettings (well over 15 years) and specialised in problem tenants and landlords. I have no problem sharing my expertise to help you through. Please pm me for more help
  10. I do appreciate your help by the way - I just dont get why it states the total amount of loan /credit is £25600 and you say the agreement says the total loan is £25000 Thats not what the agreement says. Please just forget the total charge for credit at the moment - i understand that.
  11. QUOTE=ims21;3569832]Hi Amount of credit as required by CCA is £25,000. The £600 broker fee is classed as a Charge for Credit and is shown in the charges section of the document. They did still lend you that £600 but it is not classed as part of the total amount of credit. To answer your question in post #13, the agreement says that the total amount of credit is £25,000 not £25,600. But thats my confusion. The agreement states the total amount of credit is £25600 How come you keep saying the "agreement says that the total amount of credit is £25000 not £25600" AND the conf
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