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  1. hi all I need some advice to arm myself before I go in! Basically I have been with TMobile for 5 plus years now. No problems at all. My contract was eligable for renewal on friday last week. I called and requested a sony ericsson x10. I was told my phone would arrive on monday, and that I would have to change my contract from a 18 month one to a 24month one. This was fine. Monday came and I was sent the wrong phone, I called and they said send it back, I did, they recieved it today. I called again, and now it seems I am unable to upgrade my phone due to the systems already stat
  2. Thanks Guys Mikey.....they had messed dates and amounts up from day one! I was damned if I was going to pay up!
  3. I may not have fully read or understood this, But if they have no records of you as it was over 6 years ago how do they know you were overpayed? And if they hold no info for you to have then surely an appeal based on "not providing you with sufficient copies of your information to rightly appeal should stand up?" I am just thinking outloud with my typing fingers:)
  4. Sorry everyone title should read child support and IS... You can have both Hi Probably already been discussed, but as of april 12th Child maintainence is no longer taken into account when applying for benefits. Meaning, anyone who is recieving Child support payment instead of Income support can now also apply for income support and will recieve it. I only found out last week trough a friend..... hmmmmmm must have missed the letter!!!!
  5. Hi just an update on this, Basically I fought tooth and nail, through postal stikes and "lost letters" But in the end I had the debt re-assesed to £0.00 I had learned long ago to hide any debt letters, and along with luckily and other impportant letters. So unpon careful sorting through of dates etc I was able to put togetehr a clear cut case that they were unable to argue with. Learned Lesson : Keep everything !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi Anyone here been charged a premium rate text through their mobile service provider from a debt collection agency??? Basically i have recieved a good few texts from Roughbridge this month, now although I usually laugh now in the face of these pond life, I have opened up messages from them, and been billed for the privelage at 20p a pop. From what I can gather they dont recieve payment until the following month, but this month its been £4!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a lot but I wont give them 4p nevermind £4 So wondering were I stand before I go ape? thanks Peeps
  7. this is made unclear. They imply that its is a "overlimit charge" However they reject the D/D and when they send me the letter regarding the fee they state " there were insuff funds in the account to meet the req payment" "in accordance with our T&C, a fee of £25 will be deducted from your acc to cover adim costs" On statements and on my on-line banking they call it Payment reversal fee. This is all the T & C about basic cash I can find on-line. I will go in branch today. Luckily not been hit by other charges yet, though have had these D/D re-submitted sometim
  8. Will do and thanks. So far in an internet search I have only found this Basic Cash Account - Alliance & Leicester I suspect I may have to go through a leaflet with a fine tooth comb and post replies to any of your questions via that. but will keep on looking:)!
  9. Yes its a basic account, with just a cash card. No dont have T&C for account anymore, but cant think it would be too hard to get hold of.
  10. Hi all, Ok so I have been with A and L since 2005 on what I can only describe as a "under 5's" account, one of the cash card only ones. I hate it but its my own doing and fair enough. I am a single parent and work part-time. My income is less than £900 a month. Now I like many have had the odd charge to my account for unpaid D/D's. Originally when opened it was for £34 now £25. (both still horredously over charged). Since the Nov decis I have not really bothered about the charges as I had only maybe 6-7 of them. However at the end of nov09 a D/D of £7.45 (milk-man) was rejected as
  11. Hi James Thanks for reply. I took out a social fund which was initially paid back through my IS then when that stopped I made regular payments until that had finished. have the transaction letter in front of me now. £600 fully paid pack. DWP are asking for an IS overpayment. They are ( I am assuming) taking the date the CSA took on my case the 8th jan. Not the date that I actually recieved money to calculate this over payment. I didnt recieve any CM until 12th feb a month later which was for £226.10. Half of what was paid by the father. No nothing changed during the time th
  12. Hi all, Mum recommended I asked your advice before continuing:) I had my little girl in 2007 and was on income support (single parent) On the 10th jan 2008. I was contacted by the CSA to say the were processing forms etc for payments to be made by her father. I WAS told by the Csa that there was no need to do anything as the DWP would be notified once payments had begun (I have now been made aware that is not true) I contacted the DWP on the 4th Feb 2008 to inform them that I would recieve my first CM payment into my account on the 12th feb 2008. However I continued to recieve
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