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  1. Update for anyone interested,


    I hand delivered the application (Form DSA 2) to the court along with detailed income and expenditure.


    The court were very helpful and it was not as daunting as i had expected,my account has not been frozen and have got more time to sort this out.

  2. Ida thanks for the reply,


    I spoke too CAB and they will write to lawyers who obtained the decree against me,

    will this get me some time to try and get a payment plan sorted out with fuel card company.


    The 14 day period expires on the 24th will I be notified if they are going too arrest my bank account.

  3. Received and will expire on the 24th I run my own lorry it is for a fuel card for just under 3k,as far as i am aware they cannot go for bankruptcy,How long before they can arrest my bank account


    2 of my customers have not paid me (18k) really struggling to stay afloat.


    Been to cab and have appointment for 06/10.


    I have read that a time to pay application should be sent to the court within 14 days of charge for payment being granted.


    Advice would be appreciated.

  4. Received Action For Payment Of Money.

    This is regarding a debt the factor of my flat alleges to be £1332.80. I was paying my fee via internet banking until i stopped due to a dispute with them and my bank has confirmed i have paid around £700 into their account.

    They say i have paid nothing.I have tried several times to resolve this and each time i contact them i am told someone will get back to me and they dont, unfortunately i have no record of this.(if i can find the last solicitors letter i called them the next day).

    I would like to dispute the claim and go to court because of the way i have been treated by them.Return Day 24 November 2009.



    When i receive proof of payment from my bank do i send a copy to the factor their solicitor and the court, is there anything else i could do ?


    any advice appreciated.

  5. I am starting my own business, a company who are giving me work want me to start a month earlier than expected.My company expect 1 month notice and my plan was to do this,However i have decided to tell my employer that i wish to resign and will they let me use the 16 days holiday i have as notice.I would not affect the job as there is plenty of cover for my job.

    My boss has known my intentions for some time and has always been OK with me and i with him,so i was surprised when he said no.We had a heated exchange which i feel will now affect our working relationship.

    To get to the point he says i will not get all my holiday pay i will only get 5 days,is there a way round this can i go sick and ask for holiday pay intesd of ssp or get sacked it is money i was depending on.

    Many thanks.

  6. My flat is in Glasgow and this morning received a letter from solicitors telling me they have been instructed to recover arrears of £1332.80.

    I do owe them arrears but not the above amount, about £700.I can prove this as payments were made via online banking,the factor is saying no payments have ever been made.

    Solicitors are saying if payment not received within 7 days they have instructions to pursue recovery through the court.If proceedings are raised they will recover any costs incurred from me.they have also charged me £15 for the letter.

    I am worried as i will not be abe to pay this in 7 days and would appreciate some advice as to what to do next.



  7. Hi i am new here so not sure if i am posting in the right place..I sold my Ex Glasgow Council property (4 in a block)to my ex partner in June 2005..With this type of property the council have a common charge as there are 4 properties under one common roof even although they are all privately owned..The common charge was about £35 per quarter( still have no idea what it paid for)..Early March 06 i discover that Glasgow Housing Association who have now taken over all the ex council housing stock,have started court proceedings against me for £ 600 or so pounds..unpaid Common Charge from June 2005..I talked with GHA several times to sort this out and agreed to pay £60 odd per month to clear this..and made it clear this was not my debt but to protect my Credit File i would pay this off..I was told by the Arrears Dept this was fine.. and as as long as i replied on the court document this arrangement had been made that would be the end of the matter and no Decree would be awarded against me..A month or so later i then receive notice a Decree for £512..I then found out that the lawyer doing convayencing should have notified GHA i was no longer the owner..The lawyer did not do this..When i contacted GHA the month before the repayment period was do to end..to get the paper work to send to the Registry Trust they admitted there was a discrepency in the amount i was supposed to owe..They told me i have paid in full and not to pay my last payment and that was the end of the matter..They sent me all the relevant paper work and my Credit File was amended Satisfied..In August of 2005..GHA were upgrading the properties including my ex partners property..she informed GHA she was the owner and applied for a grant to GHA TO cover the cost of this work and was awarded over 7k..So to sum up..August 2005 my ex partner was the owner..In March 2006 i was the owner(according to GHA)..Is there anything i can do about the Decree..

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