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  1. Hi guys. Spoken to my mate, he thinks its 5 years since written contact. They phoned, he hung up and changed his number. So I'm guessin he's not doing badly! He had a massive weight lifted when I told him the passport thing wasn't a problem. Thank you all for your advice.
  2. Right, gottcha! I'm learning more about this myself now! So, what you guys are saying is, book the holiday and tell him not to worry too much I thought this would be the case but, to be honest, I wasn't too sure and the way he was thinking was making me think too! I'm not exactly sure how long its been but from what he told me, he's not had contact for a long long time 4 years at least. So, is it the case that they don't really have a leg to stand on?
  3. I don't know where he got the idea. Think its just been bugging him for years and he's thought about it too much. I asked him the same question, he said "well they must have a copy of your passport for some reason" I really feel for him, Its been eating him for years and he's not told a soul. Until now!
  4. Okay. I said it would be unlikely but I didn't want to say for certain. He never told me about this before and I've been mates with him for years, he sat down with me and the Mrs and expressed his concerns. He's been delaying a holiday for years because of this. Apparently it was an unsecured loan and a credit card. As far as i'm aware, he's got another bank account with a different supplier and not had any problems. I was concerned for him and also concerned that booking the holiday would be ruined if he got pulled up. Thanks for your input guys. Any further info will be appreciated too,
  5. A friend of mine approached me today with a concern. We're meant to be booking a holiday away in August. Anyway, years ago he took out a loan and got into money trouble which left him in a awkward situation, he wanted to pay but couldn't. Instead of facing the debt he moved house a few times over a period of times and changed his number. He's worried now that, because obviously the bank had copies of his photo id previous years ago, that his passport maybe flagged up at passport control and he'd get pulled to one side. I said this was unlikely but I don't really know too much about these
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