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  1. Hi All, Looking for some advice, took a loan out with RBS in Aug 2005, after going through my finances I realised I never had any paperwork relating to this loan, requested the paperwork in Nov 2008, they kept saying they couldn't find it, went to the FOS in Feb 09 who has been investigating my complaint. Today I have now received the supposed paperwork, pages missing none of the information filled out by ourselves, my husbands signature all over one of the pages, anyway they say they are not going to uphold my complaint, but looking at the paperwork the PPI has been front loaded with them
  2. Thanks Monty, how do we appeal? I thought that would be it done and dusted as I agreed to no further action with no costs as long as any adverse recordings would be taken off our credit file, I didn't go to court last week as I didn't think I had to appear. Thanks again Monty
  3. Hi Guys, The saga continues, today me and my OH received this letter: "Registry Trust Ltd holds a public register of scottish decrees. By agreement with the Scottish Courts Administration Service, we collect details of money decrees entered in the small claims and summary causes sheriffs courts in Scotland. Decree data is passed to credit ref agencies for inclusion in their files and could affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we are writing to notify you that details of the following decree recorded at the above address are
  4. hi guys latest update???????????? Hand delivered letter (no envelope) handed to my 15 year old son: "We refer to to the above action in which we act for the pursuers . We hereby intimate the above Incidental Application and enclose herewith copy interlocutor for your attention. Yuill and Kyle 2nd Page SHERRIFFDOM OF SOUTH STRATHCLYDE, DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY AT AIRDRIE CASE NO ******* INCIDENTAL APPLICATION FOR PURSUERS IN CAUSA THE FUNDING CORP BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! AGAINST ********** MCWILLIAMS FOR THE PURSUERS REPSECTFULLY CRAVES LE
  5. Thanks P, should I mention about my credit file that they have trashed. xxxx
  6. Hi Guys, any luck with a letter to send !!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. So Releived, can't beleived they have caved. What do I need to do now??????????? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Thanks Ida, If it hadn't been for Monty and Posty I would have caved in long ago. xxxxxxxx
  9. Hi Guys, Just a quick update, came hoem to a letter today from The Funding Corps Lawyers: "We refer to the above case and previous correspondence. We should advise that our clients considered their position. While our clients consider that they have a viable and provable claim against you, our clients are mindful of he economic considerations of proceeding with protracted litigation and light of this our clients are prepared at this stage, and at this stage only , to attempt to have this matter dismissed with no expenses due to or by either party. Should you seek expenses, then
  10. HI GUYS, HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT XMAS AND NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! Forms submitted and recived, do I just sit back and wait now, also I am due at court again on 5 Feb do I need to prepare anything as the judge said I had up to 2 weeks before to submit any productions. Thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Thanks Monty Your a Star (Hope Santa is good to you) Do I have to send their lawyers a copy of this also? xxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Thanks Monty, Summons the exact same, I have to submit by Tuesday 22/12 xxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. Thanks for the feedback Monty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. Will do P, Thanks again for all the help xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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