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  1. is there any update on this at all OP please? only i have my own issues with DVLA at the moment regarding same thing so am interested! thanks for any info u can provide
  2. hi all. am hoping for some advice on best way forward, and wanted to rant. my father owned a car for one week before it was sold - he filled in the little slip thing (what is that called again?!) to notify dvla it was sold. this was in the summer, around june/july time. he received a failure to notify letter around the end of summer time saying they hadnt received this slip. so he wrote back a letter to explain he had. we didnt hear anything more from them so thought that was that. come jan 2010 (great start to the new year!) we received another letter saying the same thing -
  3. last time I spoke to them (admittedly in 2007) i had a very bad experience as the person i spoke to on the phone was condescending/judgemental and stated that unless i pay the WHOLE outstanding amount over the phone, they would not be able to help me. they advised me to write in to them if i wished to consider other payment options - which i did back then. since my last post, i have not paid anything towards this debt as i cant afford to at the present moment in time. i have decided to, as advised, write them a letter enclosing a copy of the letter they sent me to confirm the amount
  4. well i re-sent the 'proof it' letter (as before) about account B and they have just ignored it!!! i received a letter from Red stating the usual that i owed them on this account etc etc. if they are indeed ignoring (as they appear to be) my proof it letters, what is the next step i can take? or should i just keep sending them the same letter until they get the message?!
  5. since my orginal post, I have been busy with house buying and family issues so haven't had a chance to deal with this problem today i received a letter from the council saying that the debt has been passed back to them from the bailiffs. they say i can stop a 'commital summons' being issued against me if i pay £464.81 immediately or send details of how i intend to pay (they will then consider my offer). from my previous post, I thought I owed in the region of 1K. I am now confused as to how much I owe. is the correct plan of action to contact them to find out once and for all
  6. hm, interesting read! thanks! i have checked, there is no default on my credit file as of yet. i seem to have stopped receiving any sort of correspondance from them i want to send them another letter, stating debt is statute barred and i want written confirmation from them that the matter is now closed. what is the best way to do this, and does anyone have a name to write to?!?!
  7. thanks for the replies. the credit may show me if they have messed with my credit life by putting a default on it etc, but it still doesnt tell me what i need to do to get rid of this altogether? assuming they haven't done anything to trash my reputation, shall i do as i wrote before and chase them for a 'closed matter' letter? i just need them to leave me alone and not send anyone around to the new house once its bought etc ..... i know im probably worrying about nothing, but i cant help it! any ideas please?
  8. Cheers Castlebest. i've sent the letter thanking them for closing account A and enquired as to whether this is the same for account B and enclosed a cpy of the 'prove it' letter i sent them before. will update once i hear anything!
  9. Hi all - hope someone can help. (if this isnt the right place to post this, grateful if someone would move it to relevant forum ) I owe council tax on a previous rented property which I moved out of in 2005 and didnt leave a forwarding address. sometime in 2006/7, they found me at my current rented place (assuming from credit checks) and a started receiving letters from bailiffs etc. I ignored the bailiff letters and subsequently, the debt got passed back to the council. I wrote a letter to the council in late 2007 to explain i didnt have much money and could i pay back £10
  10. i sent for a credit report on my current address and listed my parents address (which is where the SLC letters go) as my previous and nothing came up. this was a few months ago. u think i should do it again?
  11. Well you'll never guess what. I'd composed a letter and was going to send it today when I checked my mailbox. There was a letter from Lowell in there. Well, not really a letter but a "Statement of your account". It looks like any normal statement but says on it under the title statement: This notice is being given to you as required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because you fell behind with your payments under this agreement with your original creditor. Its a statement from 01/10/2008 - 31/08/2009 showing I owe £1076.56 On the bottom of this statement, is a FAQ section.
  12. just out of interest, which are the right places or who are the right people to apply pressure to/on please?
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