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  1. Actually my first post was to correct somebody who said that data was not passed to National Hunter when it is. And why? Because I was reading about them and there are only two or three places where they are discussed online. So I'm not really sure what your point is. Of course I'm not bloody well connected to them! I just, as I have said already, don't see the point in suggesting that there's some kind of secret all-encompassing database when that doesn't stand to reason and there's no evidence to support it. Did I say I really hate conspiracy theorists? You can read the wikipe
  2. Well yes, but so is my membership of the Meatloaf fanclub. It doesn't mean its on there. I've worked in banking IT (no longer), and I can tell you that data processing is extremely expensive, systems are very hard to interconnect, the Hunter system will be costly to use because it's run externally, and people that imagine that there is some kind of global supercomputer somehow linking up all this heterogenous data for nefarious purposes are living in fantasy land. Large organisations are simply not that efficient. If they were, then perhaps we wouldn't have seen so many immense failu
  3. Because I dislike nutty conspiracy theories. Is that a problem for you?
  4. I said that banks, building societies and lenders record data. Exactly what data is recorded by whom is less clear. For instance, information on a loan form is likely to be recorded, I guess it's likely for credit cards too. But for bank accounts, etc.? Who knows for sure. But what I am sure is that Tesco are not sending their bloody clubcard database!
  5. Indeed: Information Commissioners - Data Protection Register - Entry Details Six listed: Purpose 1 - Staff Administration - boring Purpose 2 - Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations - boring Purpose 3 - Accounts & Records - boring Purpose 4 - Administration of Membership Records - boring Plus Purpose 5 Crime Prevention and Prosecution of Offenders Purpose Description: Crime prevention and detection and the apprehension and prosecution of offenders. Data Controllers further description of Purpose: INCLUDES THE USE OF CLOSED-CIRCUIT TELEVISION
  6. Who says they don't exist? This software has been going on quite a few years, and it's intended as a fraud prevention device, not a credit checking service. There's a fundamental difference. It's been talked about for quite a few years on and off, here's a reference from 2004 for instance: MCL Software Ltd Scroll up the page, click the link. Unfortunately the poster hasn't indicated their credit history, so it's hard to say. I for instance have 13 accounts on my credit record, a mixture of mobile phones, bank accounts and credit cards. No loans, no mortgage.
  7. What evidence do you have for this statement? Otherwise it's conspiracy theorising. Fact.
  8. Who said there was nothing to worry about? This database is a fraud checking service, not a credit record. There is no way to know why you have been declined for credit, BUT the vast majority of the time it's going to be because of a poor credit record. Barclaycard for instance say they use this database as a post-application check (a batch job every night) AND that they would call suspicious applicants to check what was going on. Also National Hunter state that the database is not supposed to be used automatically. Same thing incidentally for the Insurance Hunter database - it comes
  9. If I was some kind of shill I wouldn't be here pointing out that Experian Data Services are National Hunter or creating wikipedia articles about them would I? Seriously, loony conspiracy theories don't help anybody.
  10. Unless you're a conspiracy theorist ignoring all the evidence to the contrary.
  11. Nobody suggested that. No point in making stuff up though.
  12. National Hunter do not have loyalty card data. They don't have mobile phone contract data either. Their members are banks, building societies, mortgage lenders, and loan/hp lenders.
  13. how much data depends on how many loans, etc. you've applied for. it might be very little: National Hunter - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
  14. You certainly did not. From your thread: Details from where we obtain and share information about you are as follows: Experian Limited - 0844 481 8000 Equifax PLC - 0870 0100 583 Call Credit Limited - 0870 060 1414 Experian Decision Analytics 01704 501 001 Synetics Solutions Limited 01782 664000 CIFAS - please write to: CISAS, 6th Floor, Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9LT Experian Decision Analytics ARE N Hunter. How does it work?
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