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  1. Hi, just one point; our doctors charge £60 for a letter if we ask for it but it is free if asked for by the DWP/ATOS. Most people can't afford to pay these prices which is what I think the DWP/ATOS depend on.
  2. I never said she did but the inference that ATOS have clean hands in this matter is quite apparent. They are now withdrawing from the WCA rather than been used as the government scapegoat but they have already set up 2 new companies to take on assessment roles.
  3. All you are really asking for is the return to the GP issuing sick notes as they used to when they didn't think you were fit for work.
  4. Dear HB. What a load of cobblers, Atos have lied through their teeth on many occasions and been caught out doing so. ATOS may not make the decisions but they fill in the assessment that gives the points which in turn is what the DWP work on when deciding on your entitlement to ESA. Both the DWP and ATOS are complicit in this web of deceit.
  5. Hi Antone and thank you for your reply, I do find your comment rather strange as you will have to admit that both the DWP and ATOS have a long record of using dirty tricks and both have been proved to have lied over medical reports and individuals condition. The DWP control the Job centre plus and it is common knowledge that they do have targets and enough whistle-blowers from all 3 departments have backed up the claims of people who have been badly let down by the people who are supposed to be helping them. Getting back to my original question though; it’s not about finance it’s about the
  6. Hi, I am a married man aged 61 (62 in August) and at the moment I am receiving ESA on the support group and I get full DLA for both care and mobility. My wife is my full time carer but she also is receiving ESA. The reason that I am posting this query is that at her last Atos screening she was awarded 0 points this was only 6 months after being put straight on the ESA support group at the previous Atos exam. She has put in an appeal against the decision but we are of the belief that the reason that they have refused her ESA is in order to force her to claim carers allowance instead; which i
  7. Or even used to expose the real benefit cheats both in and out of parliment
  8. Why? If people were paid a living wage we would save billions in welfare benefits
  9. Hi, it’s not so straight forward to set up the HDMI for sound as it has to come from the graphics card but it is quite easy to do, I can’t quite remember how I did it in Vista (or how anybody managed to do anything with it LOL) but for step by step instructions go to Google and search “HDMI sound output through vista” that should get you sorted.
  10. Hi it's just a hunch but is your bios set to load from a network as well? if so disable network loading and see if the message goes away if not type the massage into Google and see what it says
  11. Hi all, I just thought I would jump in here and mention that although viruses are still a problem (I use the free AVAST antivirus) the main concern these days is malware which most antivirus programs will not clear up. I would recommend everyone to download and install CCleaner and Malwaresbytes, both are free and come very highly recommended by their users. CCleaner cleans all the junk out of the internet temp files, recycle bin ect and also it will clean up your registry as well with back up so you can reinstall if needed. Malwarebytes checks your hard disks for and malware and spybots
  12. If you double click on the speaker icon and open the sound mixer you should find an option for the HDMI and it will be switched off switch it on by clicking on it and you should be ok. It is an operating system setup and nothing to do with the laptop
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