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  1. Thanks slick, yeah I sent the SAR to barclays! Thanks for your advice il get onto it straight away
  2. Hi all, help require... just recieved my SAR fom regal credit whe I originally sent off the request to Barclays data protection, and all they have sent me is a copy of my statements and nothing else, Is tis right or should there be more, I sent of the standard letter, requesting all info etc. Also looking thu the statments my once Student and Graduate account (with interest free overdraft upto 1000pounds) was converted to a normal bank accoutand personal overdraft from June 2004, of which I was not made aware! From then on they have been charging interest, anything from 13pounds upto 28pounds until June 2005. rom that date no more charges and they closed my account a few months back since then only contact made from regal. Are Barclays allowed o change my account and status without informing me? (they had my contact details back then!) And might I be able to claim back these interest rates? Thanks in advance for advise
  3. Thanks Slick just about to replyto them, ive reqested SAR, so hopefully il be in the know shortly. Barclays have confirmed that the account is now closed and Regal state they are chasing on behalf their client, Barclays. Thanks, I hope to look up more info on them chasing people abroad, solet me knw if you have any info on that. Myself I tend to get worried as the laws will be different here :S cheers
  4. Just recived another letter from Regal, again stating 7 days to pay, making me aware that they have european representative that can come and talk to me, that county court action can be taken aginst me here in spain and tht i would incur all costs. Question: If they decide to take me to court can I choose to have it take place in the UK..as to incur their expenses to Spain would be too much!ht a They also mentioned a Warranty of execution and action that would incur, i.e Baliffs or sales of properties....is this correct as I read on some debt advise site that as my debt is from an overdraft then a Baliff was not possible... Im not sure what to send them now, Ive requested a SAR from Barclays but not the CCA from Regal.. Any advice welcome, thanks
  5. Sorry, if Barclays has closed down my account would thay not refuse out right to come to an agreement in paying it back, esp now that Regal has contacted me?
  6. Thanks, yes it would have incured charges (although technically it shouldnt have) as I was under the 1000pound max for the interest free overdraft. So before I start to pay back the loan I should reuest the SAR and the refund of bank charges that I have not yet paid??? cheers
  7. Morning all just looking for some advice please Less than a mnth ago I received a phone call from Regal credit demanding I pay 1600pounds with in 7days or they would take me to court, I explained that i wasnt working etc and sent them a letter from the templates on this site. (No reply from them so far Today I called Barclays to update my address details so that they could send my SAR to my new address, but they told me I would need to send it to head offic as my account my closed down as of 10th March 2009. My query is whether or not Regal Credit still have a right to chase me for this account? ..It was a student overdraft-interest free. Thanks in advance for any feed back
  8. Cheers, I´ll get that in the post today, as far as Im concerned I knew of the debt to Barclays but not to them. Think I´ll fax it too. Esploulou
  9. Thanks Fox, yeah it was an overdraft and I am currently living in Spain. When Regal called through they said they didnt even want to waste time on the call and that they were advising me of the letter and risk of legal action if not paid in 7 days. So should I useone of those standard letters ive seen on this site, stating that I recognise no debt to their company..and edit what I dont need for now..I dont want to get in to deep yet! thanks;)
  10. sorry another question concerning the SAR...Ive moved address since I was last in contact with Barcleys and forgot to inform them (although I did check up to see if they posted anything to my old address).. so should I include the old address as well as the new, and maybe my old home address from the Uk (the DC have my new address) ...Ive tried to call thru to Barcleys before and they couldnt find me on the system.???
  11. cheers 42man, Il get onto that straight away...ahould I send the debt collectors a return letter to confirm i recieved theirs? or ring them to let them know? I know they are meant to be dreadful on the phone but they havent contacted again and I feel I should ... thanks
  12. Hi all, Ive had a look thru some of the threads but im just getting a lil confused. I received a phone call from Regal Credit last week (havent heard from them in over 3 yrs from a previous paid loan)...and to my surprise they told me I had 7 days to pay 1600pounds... I told them I had no income, I live abroad but at the mo my partner is supporting us. I have been living outside the UK for over 6 yrs...and although I knew I owed monies to Barcleys from my student interest free overdraft, I was dumstruck at the amount..unfortunately I acknowledged that I knew there were still monies pending...for this reason and the fact that 4 yrs go I paid in money to reduce the overdraft I know it not Statue barred. Please can you advise on what I should do now..I have received a letter from them today and wish to reply...I will pay the overdraft monies (850pound) when I am back working and can afford it..but it seems ridiculas that due to interest rates or other that the amount should have been doubled. In the meantime I have not received one letter in writing or spoken from Barcleys in the last 3 yrs. Sorry its so long, please advise, thanks EspLou
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