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  1. Can anyone assist. I have requested my CCA from Barclaycard 4 times including the £1 fee. They have not provided this. What do I do know-and would it be better to find a lawyer or CMC at this stage. The card has a balnace of 17k. Regards Henderson50
  2. No expert but thought I would let you know my experience.I made a Hardship claim to Barclays on MAY 6TH 2009 for a total of £5500.00They wanted income/ependiture on their paperwork requested May 29 2009. I sent straight back. I received on June 15th 2009 a Goodwill settement of £4100.00 which has been cleared to new bank.I'm obviously pretty delighted thanks to all who helped me on this site.Bit between my teeth now-can anyone advise me wether I can continue to pursue the balance of £1400. If so is it still adjudged to be a Hardship claim.Any suggestions very welcomeRegardsHenderson50
  3. Billy55Thank you for your note of caution the ERC is £12k, does the same the same apply.RegardsHenderson50
  4. Campari2 Thanks for that,its in the post tonight. Just for info guys, applied for bank charges to be refunded on May 8th 2009 circa £5000 under the Hardship rules to Barclays. Yesterday June 26 2009 receieved payment of £4400. Get going anyone who fits the criteria Relieved Henderson50
  5. Hi I'm not knowledgeable enough to audit the CCA although I have checked andit does'nt have any APR or repayment sum or interest quoted. The agreement is from 2003. Can you assist me with an 'in dispute ' letter as I have no template. Regards Henderson50
  6. Hi dashy-1got your response.Very happy yes-but for they have sent a CCA copy with the letter??Have spoken to IP who has removed from my creditors.Get the other 9 proved unenforceable and leave the IVA behind I hope.RegardsHenderson50
  7. An update I have written to Barclays Bank asking for the CCA for a flexible loan agreement of £25k. My first 2 letters have not had a reply. Last week I did a third and final letter requesting the agreement, registered post as the others. I have received a reply today from Barclays stating this 'Dear x Thank you for your request for a copy of a credit agreement. Our Systems show that there is no sum payable under the credit agreement and therefore no requirement for us to comply with your request.' Included with the letter is a copy of the said agreement which is a regulat
  8. Sorry for the delay my letter was worded as follows 'With reference to the above numbered agreement, I would be grateful if you would send me a copy of this credit agreement. I understand that under Consumer Credit Act 1974 (sections 77-79), I am entitled to receive a copy of my credit agreement on request. I enclose a payment of £1.00 which represents the fee payable under the Consumer Credit Credit Act. Please provide the following information. 1.True copy of the original credit agreement 2. Statement of Account 3. Copy of any executed deed of assignment of this loan
  9. Hi I have requested the CCA for a loan with Black Horse, today I have received just a statement showing the balance and all previous payments-no letter of explanation. What should I do now please Henderson50
  10. Think the next big matter is miss sold IVA's there are many poorly advised people who should have gone bankrupt instead they have been set up to line IP's pockets with enormous fees and arrangments which are strangling them for years
  11. Hi Will do. This is slightly off subject, but requested details of my mortgage charges from Halifax 2 weeks ago, got them by return, I had £738 of charges including £199 deed admin fee. Sent a letter to them asking for charges to be repaid. Received a cheque for £738 this morning-can't believe it- attention all get back your charges hENDERSON50
  12. Will keep in touch-early stage of IVA. Debt a lot, but if I could reduce the amount enforceable would propose another arrangement to those not cca. IP got me to agree at £1100 but to be honest in this economy can't keep up. Bk would cost my job so have to find a way. Going to start again with CCA REQUESTS today-drop the existing cmc who isjust too expensive, although the first report seems conclusive a £13700 balance is unenforceable. WhatS a SAR? Do you have a template I can use. Good to find someone who understands the IVA complication hENDERSON50
  13. I made a mistake and let a company get 4 of them. I in which they have audited and has several things wrong on which their solicitor is prepared to act no win no feeThey want 30% of any success though-at the time I did'nt know threre were alternatives, so I don't want to proceed with them.
  14. Thanks for that.From what I can find out there is no problem sorting out unenforeable agreements despite the IVA. I was hoping to find a cmc with no back end fees who could assistbut no luck so farCheersHenderson50
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