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  1. Thank you for the phone call today Lee and your assurances that you will keep an eye on my account to ensure that things run smoothly. Impressed with your responsiveness and hope that things continue to run that way.
  2. Hi Lee, Email reference is 6455063 - I have made payment on the account to clear the outstanding balance because I didn't want this episode to affect my credit rating. However, it would apppear that my debit card payment was taken twice due to a problem on the Vodaphone payment page which told me that there had been an error and payment hadn't been taken, i re-submitted and yes you've guessed it, two payment have been deducted from my bank account. This isn't a problem as long as it is held as a credit to clear my future bill. Miss_cake
  3. I am in complete agreement with you Tonycee, I have been a customer of Vodaphone for a while too and when things are going well it's good but my god when they make a mistake they cock up big style. They cancelled my new contract in error, charged me £497 for the mess because it was cancelled within the contract period (you dont say) sent me a new sim which took 3 days and charged me for the days that I couldn't use the phone. Web team have responded by putting some credits on but the account still isn't right, refusing to give any more and to top it all have give £10 compensatio
  4. I sent a letter to the DCA Solicitors that instigated the legal proceedings requesting wasted costs etc and also the money which the DCA have had from me over the last couple of years. Letter received from the solicitors dated 12/4 basically telling me to get stuffed, they didn't put it quite so bluntly but the gist of it is that their clients have delined my alleged costs, they they only discontinued due to age of the debt and that the debt is still owed and remains due. They have pointed out that I do not have any solicitors on record therefore my claim regarding legal consultation
  5. Just a bit of further advice required, Is there any particular paperwork that I need to send to the court to claim wasted costs and recover monies paid to this **** in the past or will a letter to the claimants solicitors and a copy to the courts suffice? I have had a look at other posts on the forums but a N244 doesn't seem to fit my case. Thanks Miss C
  6. Sounds about right...will get a letter drafted tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks
  7. Couldn't have articulated this any better Bazooka, I will definitely give them "both barrels" as they say!
  8. Thanks 42Man after what they have put everybody through I think I should.
  9. Have received a notice of discontinuance - does this mean they will go away never to return? Or do I still have to watch my back ! I am thinking of claiming all of the money back which they have extorted from me over the last couple of years, is this a possibility or should I let things lie? Thanks for all of your help people. Miss C
  10. Hi Nicklea, The POC verbatim states "The claimants claim against the defendant (My Name) the sum of (amount) due under the following account (account number of DCA and my old Current Account Number) I have issued a defence but could only base it on the paperwork which I had to hand which luckily for me I have kept all corres for a number of years. I have defended as follows: 1 I have never acknowleged this debt (copy of letter from 2009 sent to court showing disputed account) 2 I requested them to either re-plead or provide information under CPR 18/31.14 on (date)
  11. Just to update, letter was sent recorded. No response received at all so I rang the court who advised me to ensure some form of defence was put in so that I wouldn't get a judgement by default. I couldn't do anything but refute their legal claim because I have nothing to work with and my 28 days has almost expired. Not sure what will happen now...just wait and see I suppose !
  12. Thanks H, Have done so and will await their response. Best wishes Miss C
  13. Hello, Can I seek clarification on my above points, also because they haven't mentioned any documents should I be asking them to replead? Thanks
  14. Thanks, just to clarify that the POC on the claim form is minimal to say the least and doesn't quote any documents which is where I was getting confused with the CPR 18 - I understood this was to be used for thoss circumstances and CPR 31.14 for sight of documents quoted on claim forms. Head is in bits - just had a bereavement and could do without this added pressure. Thankss for your help so far 42man and I am sure it will all get really messy
  15. Hi, I have constructed a lettter using CPR 18 for disclosure of POC and any evidence which they intend to use but i am getting so confused. Should I have been using CPR31.14? They both seem very similar and I don't want to look a compete idiot. Please advise asap Thanks
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