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  1. No I havent - have just looked at it now. Seems as though should last 6 years?! I will write a letter quoting SOGA. Thanks a lot
  2. Err no, warranty is only for a year. I can extend the warranty if I wanted to but at a cost of £250 per year. Seemed a bit extorionate - I didnt expect such an expensive appliance to break in such a short time period!
  3. Hello all, after some advice. Purchased an Admiral Maytag fridge-freezer in 2007, it has now broken down. It cost £1000. Rang the manufacturers & they have offered to extend the warranty (which apparantly was only for 1 year) for £250 per year. Asked a local engineer to look at it - they cant fix it. I'm stuck! Cant go back to retailer as MFI have gone bust. Any suggestions would be great please! I cant live without it for much longer! Thanks, Angela
  4. Hello, just to let you all know - not heard anything after I got a refund from CCS debt collectors in May. They said it would be passed back to Central Ticketing, but I havent heard anything so I guess they have finally given up! After this experience I will definately check my rights before I pay anything again!! Thanks for all help & dont worry if you have had a CT ticket, just ignore all, including debt collector letters - they wouldnt have refunded me if they werent in the wrong!! Thanks again....
  5. Result!! CCS Collect have refunded the £50 back into my account, 4 days after taking it!! Thanks for your support guys! Now I will get on with ignoring all future correspondence from Central Ticketing!!
  6. Hello, Thanks for advice...again! I have contacted the Bank & they said as its not a direct debit (I gave them my card details) there is nothing they can do to stop further payments or get my £50 back. They said there is no 'direct debit' style guarantee with debit cards. They suggest I get onto trading standards. I also spoke to CCS Collect last night, who denied recieving my cancellation letter. I told them I sent it recorded delivery, in which case they went quiet and said I should write in again & a manager will have to look at refunding it & cancelling further payme
  7. Cant believe it - Just checked my online banking & CCS Collect HAVE taken £50 out towards my parking fine, even though I wrote to them telling them not to do so!! I did try asking my bank to stop it from their end, but they said they couldnt. Robbing b****rds!! SOOOO annoyed, looks like I'll be paying £143 for parking over a bay after all..... GRRRRR!!
  8. Hello, Thanks for the quick responses. You have really reassured me & its good to hear my credit record would not be affected until much further down the line (if at all). I did indeed also send the letter (from the templates) to CCS to tell them the debt was in dispute & not to take any monies from my accounts (as I had previously spoke to them & set up a payment plan). I will have to wait to see next week as to whether they obey this, or take money from my account when I get paid...! Thanks again guys - I will keep updated if I hear anything back, but as for now I will f
  9. Hello everyone, I have read this very looonngg thread as I am in a similar situation, but I guess every case is unique so wanted some help or advice on the below please? My Central Ticketing saga begins...: - I received a parking ticket for £60 at Cheshire Oaks in November 2008 for parking slightly over a yellow hatched area - I wrote in to Central ticketing to appeal in December - The next contact I had from them was 10th March 2009, which was a ‘Formal Demand before court action’ asking me to pay £85 within 28 days. - I phoned the helpline
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