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  1. Hello, Just wondering if anyone can help or offer insight on what i should do next regarding my situation:- I finished working a 6 week tempory contract on 20/12/13. I applied online for JSA on 21/12/13. I assumed as it was so close to the Christmas holidays that i wouldn't receive notification to attend an interview until January, i also thought the 24th(christmas eve) was a bank holiday or atleast that the jsa would've been closed by then - i guess that was rather daft. I received a text from JSA on 23/12/13 at 19:35 informing me that my appointment would be on the 24th at 12:40. Now i did'nt read this text until the 25th(christmas day) once i charged my phone from the dead to send well wishes to the family. What concerns me is that i wasn't given 24 hours notice to attend, i also received no letters informing me of my appointment & i know once i call on the 1st of January(when they open) that i'll be given grief, likely get asked to re-apply. Should i re-apply online now or should i wait until 1/1/14 to try and fix it? Thanks, Lee
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    Hello, Sorry to interrupt, I've been scouring the threads the last half hour with no luck & thought someone here may know:- I may receive a 1 months sanction for missing a ingeus appointment some months ago, Does anyone know if i would have to still attend the fortnighly JSA & twice weekley Ingeus appointments during the sactioned month ?
  3. umm hi, im not sure if this is a big thing but i think its worth me finding out. i recentley used paypal without knowing i had little money in my account, and have just realised that i went 6 pounds overdrawn and they have just charged me 28 pounds even though i got paid the next day after going overdrawn?. i have a natwest current account. is there anything i can do to get that money back? as im currentley on jobseekers allowance after losing my job and i have little money so 28pounds is alot to me at the moment? thanks for any advice? ta.
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