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  1. Bolton Council have just rung me, told me they have taken the case from Jacob's and accept my offer of £40 a month. What am I missing. Life is not that simple.
  2. Well, after texting the Bailiff that I would not allow him entry he did not turn up. I have posted a recorded letter to Bolton council telling them I wont deal with Jacob's, request they take the case back from Jacob's, and have offered them £40 a month till the debt is cleared. When will these idiots learn that fining the poor for not being able to pay is one of the cruellest things they can do. In some country's you only get a flogging. Thank you my wican poker playing angel. If it wasn't for you...
  3. Well it's more than 24 hours now and not a sign. I have emailed my local MP asking him to make Bolton Council accept payments. Still a bit nervous though
  4. I took on Punch taverns. The Black Bull in Horwich Lancs. They promised me everything to take it on. Came up with nothing. I went bankrupt. Judge said this is very common.
  5. Thank you witch. Lovely Witch. I have just text the bailiff not to come. Sorry about my extream panic. Thankyou Poker,,, Will let you know what happens. Kind regards, Jerry
  6. Thanks so much. Do I then find out who my local MP is. Do I harass him or her to make the council accept payments. What do I do
  7. Thanks mate. Thought you had gone to bed. I'm in a state right now. Will that work...?
  8. OK. Thanks mate for your help. Realise it is late and you must sleep. I must try to. Feel really sick right now. Anything before 7.30 would be good. HOW DO I ARRANGE IT... please. I am an ill health old codger who has been lied to by the job centre. I now have a full time job where I can pay more. I dont want my privassy invaded. They can take everything. But not my privacy. Please help, Please
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