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  1. Well I'm going to go with thanks then! Still can't believe that dispute might be over!
  2. So reading up a bit, they could appeal or launch a new claim. How do things stand with statute barred? In 18 months time it will be 6 years since the claim was initially disputed. Has the clock now picked up from where it left off, or has it restarted and it will be another 6 years before it becomes statute barred?
  3. The date of the order was 20th November, so this looks like it's been struck out and gone, never to return? Can't quite believe that might have happened.
  4. So that means within 7 days of being struck out? 'cos that was yesterday if we are talking calendar days rather than working days.
  5. So I called them again and they have confirmed the claim has been struck out and I don't have anything I need to defend. Good news :-)However she did advise the claimant could apply to set aside the order and go to a hearing. At the bottom of the updated order it says "Any party affected by the Order may apply to have it varied, discharged, or set aside 7 days of service."So is this still a temporary arrangement? I haven't "won" yet?
  6. I am fairly confident there is no agreement here. It has been 4 years since I asked for it. When I rang the court I got the impression I was just speaking to someone in admin.
  7. So the court made another order to comply y the 4th or the claim would be struck out. They haven't sent me anything except a threat to make a charging order on my home which they then sent an apology for. No sign of anything addressing the order. Does this mean the claim is now struck out? Should I contact the court and draw their attention to the non-compliance or will they be on it already?
  8. Phone call isn't good for me - I work full time and don't get the opportunity to make that kind of call. I'll send a letter on Monday and ask they consider an unless or strike out. Many thanks for your help.
  9. OK - I'll probably work on a defence as well - I don't have a lot of time before the deadline issued. Do I just need to send the court a letter?
  10. Hi folks, I got a Northampton claim form through a little while ago which I responded to with a CPR 3.14 to the solicitors and put in a no agreement defence. They sent a back-dated letter to say they would need to request the documents and would put any action on hold. They didn't and still haven't responded with any documentation. I don't have a CCA for this account, nor even a statement of account. The claim got transferred to my local court (Oxford) and the latest from the court is a general form of judgement or order. The order is that "The claimant m
  11. So sit tight and wait for the judgement application then. I'm sure the timing is quite relevant! Thanks Andy.
  12. OK, sounds fairly straightforward. Is it worth replying to this letter and informing them I intend to dispute the summary judgement and proceed to trial? I haven't dealt with a summary judgement before - does an actual hearing take place that I would need to attend?
  13. That's what it looks like! So presumably I can block the summary judgement on the basis they have no agreement and therefore no case? Why do they keep changing their name? Looks dodgy to me - that's the third time.
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