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  1. bloke down the boot sale doin sims pay as you go £1 a go Looks like i will be bying job lot !!!
  2. Sorry tomtubby in delay !!!Yes the liability orders were as follows 07/99 07/00 06/01 07/02 The legal team asked to see my bankrupcy form to prove!!And said they would look into this straight away.I allso sent wot little paperwork i had from b/s PHOTO COPIES/ REGISTERD.they will reseve this at 1pm today !!:shock:THANKYOU for your help tomtubby!!!
  3. sorry Tomtubby for delay in reply!! Yes the liability orders were 07/99 07/00 06/01 07/02 even i was amazaed when i found this out !!! i supose this is why they have been slow with giving me any info they will be getting my letter today [registerd]with there paperwork Highlighted!!!! thankyou so much for help its helping no end THANKYOU !!!
  4. sorry been on phone for over 1 hr im just sending them the bankruptcy details alone with b/s nonesense thankyou so much for your help it is a savior !!! thankyou!
  5. this is a great place to be!!! with people who help and care about how bad this mess is they put us through!!!keep strong and bright rainbow moon xx;)xx i was ready to give in this week BUT NO!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!
  6. just reading you lot made me laugh Im 4 years out of ! but glad to see your havin fun [mine would be a woods 100 rum ] happy daze to all!!!!
  7. just got off the fone to council legal team I was speaking about sub acc re. they said they would look at my paperwork and ring me back. They have rang back and said there would be no need as I have explained this bill has been taken into my bcrupcy and could i send them the relevent court paperwork !The bill is for 1999 2000 2001 2002 the first bill is dated 10 nov 2008 for 5876.11 and attached a note of there bankrupcy proceeding But as i went bc ,The council had asked br sutor to chase me for the same A/C number at 3745.96 But would like my paperwork to get there A/C up to date!!! I beleive
  8. good morning back on the case this morning just waiting for council to open thankyou for help and will let you know!
  9. Thankyou martin 3030 just talkin is helping !!your help is brill !! ill be on phone 1st thing thankyou for your time and patients!!!
  10. thankyou very much for advice KEL123 THEY ARE BAD but my only worrie is im an man that will only take so much and when the police were willing to stand by and watch i would have no choice but to protect my only thing left dignaty BUT as i see the truth of wot happens to you ,left out in the cold it was horrible so now im back to fight them leagaly !!! THANKYOU
  11. is there any hope for me ? and any help with a letter would help me as im not that good with explaining myself sorry Just anything to hold them off coz i dont wont to be bullied into paying but last few days nearly gave me breakdown!!!
  12. sorry just noticed your reply The arrears are down to a lodger who said he was paying it!!Ihave never kwown about this order and only heard of it when i went bankrupt and apparently it was sent to a ex g/freind who i have not spoken to in 11 years! The order is for 3500 and ive been on the phone to the council but just get stone walled they wont talk to me but aparent someone told CAB they wouldnt exept in my b/c But still let it go through
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