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  1. Thanks slick - is there a cause for complain direct to barclaycard based on the fact that they have passed the debt on (albeit internal) without having made contact with us at all about the debt. It took them 4 months to respond to our situation and issue a response to the F&F and this was after it had been passed to mercers and then to calders. Also received a default notice today from mercers even though the debt is now with calders - is this right?
  2. Hi Hoping someone can help me with our situation with Barclaycard. We were on a payment plan with barclaycard over a year ago, when our circumstances changed again. We stopped making payments in July and I wrote to them with a F&f in august. We received no response to this letter and no phone calls for the arrears. The only letters we received were the arrears notice to comply with the consumer credit act. I wrote again in November to barclaycard so ask for a response to our F&F - and a day later we received a call from Mercers. We expalined to mercers that we had
  3. Thanks for your responses, M&M - I think we will have to go in with means statements and a monthly payment offer - although they didnt give this as an option. Does anyone know whether they will want the arrears paid before agreeing to this? Silverfox - We applied online so the agreemnets would have come in the post - I dont remember whether we did receive notice of cancellation. Thanks
  4. Hi Really hoping someone can take a look at the agreement and advice...
  5. hopefully third time lucky Egg01.pdf Egg02.pdf
  6. Right I shall try again, not sure why its come out so small - fingers crossed!
  7. Hi I am hoping someone can help - I have received my loan agreement back from Egg and am not sure if it is ok or not. I am currently being chased by DCL (part of Egg) for the outstanding loan balance and they have given me the option of paying 75% as an F&F or paying the arrears and going back to the monthly payments - however due to the change in our circumstances we can no longer afford to make the monthly payments - we were originally in negotiations with egg at paying 25% as an F&f and we're given the impression by 2 different members of staff that this was likely to be exc
  8. I have finally recieved some of the paperwork requested from lloyds under SAR, and have been going through this. From what I can make out on the business loans we had we were also sold business payment insurance. This wasnt exactly added to the loan - how lloyds seemed to work it was they increased the amount of the loan borrowed to include enough from the total insurance premium. Then when the loan was transferred into the account, they collected the total insurance premium. My question is, do we have an arguement for this as it was paid in a lump sum by the loan and we would hav
  9. thanks for that docman I was planning on getting some valuations anyway, so I will wait and see what they have to say
  10. Thanks Andy So in your opinion then if we stood our ground and refused to sell, do you think we could settle for a lump sum?
  11. Hi, thanks for the responses so far. HSBC have declined our offer to repay 75% as a lump sum full and final within 4 months of an agreement, on the basis that they think there is enough equity in the 2 properties to repay the amount outstanding. Does anyone know the percentage the properties are likely to be down valued to be sold at if it went to repossession? Also what is the view points of the courts on repossessions if there are children living in one of the houses? Does anyone know the legal stance on a bank transfering security to a house they havent valued - even though they too
  12. Hi, really hoping someone can help with this...
  13. Hi, This is a bit of a long story so ill try and keep to the facts: We had a business and in October 2008 put the business into voluntary insolvency. The business had a debt with hsbc with about £44000 outstanding which was secured over the 2 directors properties equally. One director moved house in 2007 and the security was transfrerd to the new property, however hsbc did not value that house. With the hsbc security the house was effectively mortgaged to 99% ltv. We have been in discussions with hsbc since last october to come to a settlement to repay this. We have proposed that w
  14. Hi I have had in the past 2 business loans with insurance, but feel the insurance was missold - it did not cover any redundancy / insolvency of the company - so when needed only then did I realise I could not claim. It did cover accident and life insurance - however lloyds also sold me a life insurance policy through scottish widows - more than enough cover to cover the business loan and more. I have looked through what paperwork and they seem to lend you the money on the loan to pay their insurnace arm, so the insurance isnt directly added to the loan. I am in the middle of waiting for
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