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  1. The only name I know is David Berkley who was representing a CMC.
  2. Thanks Elsa but some of the blogs/forums do not have the facility for contributors to delete posts themselves.Having thought about it surely a CMC would have to be absolutely beyond reproach to bring a defamation or libel action as the media would be onto it like a flash and slaughter them.As we all know the media love to side with the banks and seek to undermine anyone who supports the argument for unenforceablilty of debts so the opportunity to air the supposed reasons for any actions would be great for them
  3. Fingers,it may not be that simple ,we all think we are anonymous here but the fact that someone posting on a forum has been threatened with legal action(see above) should give us all concerns
  4. I have drafted out a proposed reply below,could WelshMam or anyone else for that matter take a look and any comments would be gratefully accepted I am in receipt of your letter dated 19.06.2009 and my response is as follows. I have contributed to various online forums and blogs using a variety of usernames and it has never been my intention to publish any comments about any party which could be construed as being defamatory or damaging. If any of my posts on any forum or blog about any party including ****** ******** ****** have been in any way inaccurate or inappropriate then I h
  5. Thanks WelshMam what you have written makes very good sense and seems to be the best way forward,thats what I will recommend
  6. In this case the comments made were made in good faith the poster having gleaned the information from what he believed to be a reliable source however there is not actually any proof available to back up the comments
  7. What was said was that CMC had been charging extortionate up front fees,had no evidence of successful cases or even evidence that it had ever started an action against a lender. The letter from them states that if he issues an apology,an undertaking to refrain from making any future derogatory comments and asks the forum team to remove the comments they will take no further action. If he does this could this be seen as an admission of guilt which they can then use against him or will the fact that he has complied with their request prevent them from being able to do that
  8. My contact made the mistake of offering to help people posting on the forum and gave them his private email address and then when they contacted him and he emailed back he had his phone number etc on the email. I guess someone from the CMC or solicitors posed as someone wanting information to obtain his details At this stage he is not happy for the CMC and Solicitor to be named
  9. A contact of mine has recently had a threatening letter from the solicitors representing a CMC concerning some derogatory comments he made about them on another forum. They are threatening to issue libel/defamation proceedings against him,anyone know if the threat sounds realistic
  10. From what I have read on the FSA website any attempt by a lender to time bar a claim is dependant upon the borrower having received a notification that the policy is very likely not going to clear the mortgage balance. In this case the borrower was informed in November 2007 that the policy was going to pay off the full mortgage balance. The FSA website says complaints can only be time barred if the consumer complains more than 3 years after they were first made aware that the policy would fail to meet the target so on that basis there would not be a problem with proceeding with a case.
  11. Please can you explain the phrase timed out? Also can this agreement not be examined as being an 'Unfair Relationship' inaccordance with the 2008 amendment to the Consumer Credit Act?
  12. Sounds fair enough to me but the problem is that CAG could then be accused of favouring certain companies for financial gain rather than an impartial recommendation basd purely on preformance
  13. I am amazed that some media outlet has run with this probably only because of the Coronation Street connection but it can only be good news. I lkove the judges comments too
  14. A very good analogy and I agree totally that people could definately benefit even if just by knowing which outfits to avoid if nothing else
  15. There are obviously folks on here who would like more information about CMC's in order to make informed decisions,can we take a poll on how many would be interested?
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