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  1. Once I get a reply to the CCA and SAR what do I do then - or should I wait for the reply then come back on here?
  2. I stopped the DD a couple of months early (apparently)! I was just going to make and offer to DCA and see how it went tbh!
  3. Right:- Marbles CC passed to Capquest for a sum of around £2,200 Halifax CC was passed to iQor and now seems passed back to Halifax for a sum of £4,100 T Mobile passed to Capquest sum of £700 I also have a 1st Credit which was Barclays CC sum of £5,000 The sums are no where near what they were when I was made redundant however charges etc, etc have made them look very healthy! So I assume based on the advice above I send a CCA request to Capquest and 1st Credit and a Subject access request to Halifax?
  4. Defaults are:- 2 x Credit Cards 1 x Mobile Phone I have no idea if they are acting on behalf of or have bought the debt! Original creditors are Marbles and T-Mobile. However 1 of the credit cards DCA (iQor) are saying they passed the default back to Halifax. Looked into requesting CCA's and all that but quite frankly have no idea what to bloody do!
  5. Sorry if it doesn't make sense - bloody angry. They are asking for the initial balance minus the 33 payments I have made. However I have a redundancy sum of money and I was looking to pay the remaining 15 x payments to them to finish the 'agreement' I have looked into requesting a copy of my CCA but no idea what I am doing now tbh ha - thanks
  6. Hey, After some advice.... In 2009 I sent letters to the above DCA's making an offer to pay my outstanding debts over a 48 month period for a set amount. They agreed to the payment in writing however they didn't actually agree to the term of the repayments (something I have literally only noticed). I am now in a situation that I cant carry on the payments over the remainder of the term however I can clear what would be left owing (in accordance with the terms I set out i.e. set figure over 48 months) They are now saying that is not the case and that I still owe the
  7. Hi guys can anyone advise please? I am paying something crazy like 31.1% and I am due to deploy to Afghanistan The car is worth no where near what i owe and I haven't been able to sell. Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  8. In all honesty I did get a form from the dealership but it in no way resembles a Credit Agreement. Will ask Blackhorse to send me a copy ASAP! Thanks for your help guys S T
  9. Thanks! I assume the first thing to do is get a copy of my agreement? I appreciate this may be 'sucking eggs' for some of you but its like a bloody minefield out there haha S T
  10. Hi, I'm sorry to ask this question (as I'm sure it has been asked a million times) but how exactly does a voluntary termination work? What happens if the car is worth less then what is outstanding on it? I have some example letters to send to Blackhorse to VT however I'm worried that I will be stung for a lot of ££ once the car is taken back! Thanks in advance, S T
  11. Dpick - I sent Template Letter B along with a budget sheet. I have had a response from 2 of my lenders but the rest have not responded. I was hoping there would be a 'template' letter I could send prompting them to take action. IdaInFife - that is great, however I have no idea what account I pay into etc, etc. May of them have been passed on to a debt collection agency so the paying details I imagine would be different. Look forward to your responses. Regards, S
  12. I have sent a letter to ALL of my creditors using the letters on:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html I attached a budget sheet to all of them and almost immediately had a response from 2. However the rest to date have not responded and it has been 4 months... What do I do - should I send the same letter again? Thanking you in advance, S
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