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  1. Every single reply has been rude. You infered I can’t ask legitimate questions based on length of time on the website. I didn’t “give away money to a powerless DCA”. Firstly, It was a last ditch attempt to get rid of the default after hitting a brick wall with Lowell. Secondly, I was simply trying to pay debts to clean up my file as stated. Thirdly, DCAs are not “powerless”. Limited but not “powerless”. Lowell haven't told me the debts are “unenforceable”. That’s not to say they aren't, but they have not said that. They said “the accounts are closed and written off”.
  2. Being rude doesn’t prevent that nor change the fact that I tried..
  3. Not sure why the amount of time I’ve been on the site has any relevence. I’ve not used this site in years.. Thanks for reminding me why i why I stopped using it though.
  4. The defaults are showing as Lowell not the original creditors.
  5. I have a few defaults on my credit file now with Lowell. I’ve recently won a pip appeal and got a big payment so I’ve been trying to clean up my credit file. One of these defaults was on old talk talk acount. I lodged a subject access request request last year with Lowell. They have thusfar failed to comply fully. They have sent me all of their chasing letters in reply to the sar. No statements, no CFA, no notice of assignment etc. I’ve written to them several times chasing the documents. Lowell have stated they are unable to prov
  6. Tut tut “ Thank you for contacting SafetyNet Credit. All information categorised regarding the income received into your bank is taken directly from the read-only access we had to your online banking and is in no way fabricated to alter the outcome of your complaint. We will not be revising our final response and you are welcome to forward this onto the Financial Ombudsman Service within 6 months from the date of your Final Response. Should you proceed in doing so, once they contact us we will forward all of our findings directly to the
  7. Safety net are rolling credit so they give you an amount and you draw it out when needed. You give access to your bank account and this is how they confirm amounts and so called affordability checks. I still have a copy of the original application which clearly states my income source was from employment only. The only transfers i have on my acocunt was between me and my freind sending eaxh other £20 every now and then. Even if you include this as income it comes no where near the amounts they claim -£800. Theyve also lied about the limit increases which
  8. After making a formal complaint re irresponsibile lending they came back with a final response. They have claimed I was in receipt of “bank transfers totalling £800 plus per month” and gave me credit based on this fictitious amount. This is entirely fictitious and easily provable by my bank statements. they have stated my credit file was “good” which it very clearly was not and again is easily provable. Ive gone to the FOS but they haven’t replied yet. What consequences could they face here and is there anyrhing else else I can do? I’ve sent
  9. I cant nub it down anymore, ive already missed loads off! I was employed directly by the outsourcing company not the bank. I have everything documented- emails, notes, txt messages etc
  10. bit long winded this one, sorry folks. I had been working for an outsourced company in a well known bank. Whilst in training I received strange emails from the trainer. This was following from a conversation in training were I asked a question. He explained (in answer to my question) it was in relation to couples who had a joint account and subsequently split. He said “say you and I were in a relationship”. Three days later I’ve seen he’s gone into my email and sent himself an email from my account/computer “that joint account we were talking about, do you fancy it? Can we get back t
  11. I've been living in a block of four flats with a social housing provider. flat for was "privately owned". unfortunately she died and the property was "sold on". the new "owner" has made my life, and the two other tenants life a complete misery for 11 months with no end in site. Front door left wide open by builders resulting in missing post and parcels communual areas are a disgrace and are getting damaged-were paying a service charge for nowt they can start work at 6am working right through until 2am building materials dumped in basement,which I went flying on they climb on my
  12. When people say 'don't mean to be patronising' their about to be patronising, and you, are most definatly patronising.
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