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  1. Every single reply has been rude. You infered I can’t ask legitimate questions based on length of time on the website. I didn’t “give away money to a powerless DCA”. Firstly, It was a last ditch attempt to get rid of the default after hitting a brick wall with Lowell. Secondly, I was simply trying to pay debts to clean up my file as stated. Thirdly, DCAs are not “powerless”. Limited but not “powerless”. Lowell haven't told me the debts are “unenforceable”. That’s not to say they aren't, but they have not said that. They said “the accounts are closed and written off”. I didnt ask for an explanation on defaults. I know the proceedures/laws around defaults. That’s not what I asked. I never said you've been “useless in the past” I said “I remember why I stopped using the site”. Why? Because you’ve been rude before which resulted in me closing a previous account. Not once did I say “useless”. Which part of his thread do you consider useful to me which warrants a donation? This “windfall” was due to me being hospitalised. I’m sorry if my mental health history means that I don’t recall all previous help given in order to resolve this one. I’m glad you find mental health issues “astonishing”. I find it embarrassing. no, my debts arnt statute barred. Most of them are no were bear being statute barred. You are making assumptions based on not a lot of information....
  2. Being rude doesn’t prevent that nor change the fact that I tried..
  3. Not sure why the amount of time I’ve been on the site has any relevence. I’ve not used this site in years.. Thanks for reminding me why i why I stopped using it though.
  4. The defaults are showing as Lowell not the original creditors.
  5. I have a few defaults on my credit file now with Lowell. I’ve recently won a pip appeal and got a big payment so I’ve been trying to clean up my credit file. One of these defaults was on old talk talk acount. I lodged a subject access request request last year with Lowell. They have thusfar failed to comply fully. They have sent me all of their chasing letters in reply to the sar. No statements, no CFA, no notice of assignment etc. I’ve written to them several times chasing the documents. Lowell have stated they are unable to provide these documents and have closed the accounts and “written them off”. They have also refused to remove the defaults and they remain active. I had another default with a different debt collector. I put in a sar. They were unable to comply. So they wrote to me stateing “we cannot produce the documents so have marked the debt as unenforceable”. They then removed the default from my file completely. Im at a loss as to why Lowell arnt doing the same. I’ve recently paid one of the debts with Lowell’s bank details. I’ve just received a letter stating; ”as we have decided to write off the balance and close the account, there is nothing more for you to pay. However, we’ve recently received a payment from you which we no longer need and so are refunding this back to you.” what can I do here? They refuse to remove the default and refuse to accept payment.
  6. Tut tut “ Thank you for contacting SafetyNet Credit. All information categorised regarding the income received into your bank is taken directly from the read-only access we had to your online banking and is in no way fabricated to alter the outcome of your complaint. We will not be revising our final response and you are welcome to forward this onto the Financial Ombudsman Service within 6 months from the date of your Final Response. Should you proceed in doing so, once they contact us we will forward all of our findings directly to them for the purposes of their own investigation. Kind regards,”
  7. Safety net are rolling credit so they give you an amount and you draw it out when needed. You give access to your bank account and this is how they confirm amounts and so called affordability checks. I still have a copy of the original application which clearly states my income source was from employment only. The only transfers i have on my acocunt was between me and my freind sending eaxh other £20 every now and then. Even if you include this as income it comes no where near the amounts they claim -£800. Theyve also lied about the limit increases which again is easily provable. I took it out in 2017 then fell into financial difficulty late 2018 after being signed off from work following a suicide attempt and subsequently got a ptsd diagnosis. I then won a indirect discrimination claim against my employer and got a substantial pay out and paid it and paid it off in full in November 2018. I put in a formal complaint asking for all the interst baxk on the grounds of mental of mental health issues and affordability. They “investigated” and then asked for an extension. This is were I’ve discovered they have over inflated my earnings. Ive copied in the ceo to a email to the fca asking if they’d like to revise that final response. Also when the account was runing id pay it off then draw it all again within days. I believe this is an ICOBS (or BCOBS?) breach which says they have to monitor for financial difficulty. They’ve clearly failed to do that also.
  8. After making a formal complaint re irresponsibile lending they came back with a final response. They have claimed I was in receipt of “bank transfers totalling £800 plus per month” and gave me credit based on this fictitious amount. This is entirely fictitious and easily provable by my bank statements. they have stated my credit file was “good” which it very clearly was not and again is easily provable. Ive gone to the FOS but they haven’t replied yet. What consequences could they face here and is there anyrhing else else I can do? I’ve sent a copy of the complaint to the FCA.
  9. I cant nub it down anymore, ive already missed loads off! I was employed directly by the outsourcing company not the bank. I have everything documented- emails, notes, txt messages etc
  10. bit long winded this one, sorry folks. I had been working for an outsourced company in a well known bank. Whilst in training I received strange emails from the trainer. This was following from a conversation in training were I asked a question. He explained (in answer to my question) it was in relation to couples who had a joint account and subsequently split. He said “say you and I were in a relationship”. Three days later I’ve seen he’s gone into my email and sent himself an email from my account/computer “that joint account we were talking about, do you fancy it? Can we get back together” (paraphrased, I have a copy) One of my colleagues saw this email and told me to take a copy to “protect yourself, that's really bizzare”. I replied to him saying “he’ll nah” thinking nip that right now! he’s then ran into the class in front of everyone and said “not up for it no” then left the class. From that moment on every single word that came out of my mouth he seemed to take offence to. Everything. Even just hello. The end result being I chose to just sit in silence in the corner, segregate myself from everyone else, keep myself to myself and not speak to anyone. I did speak to the manager about it and she told me “I get on with him so..” and that was that. Once he told off a member of staff for coming in hung over. Fair enough. However, the next day he’s come in hungover himself and stated “I’m hungover I can’t be (expletive) training you today”. On another occasion I had a difficult call and he grabbed a team leader, they then proceeded to stand watching, laughing at me. On another occasion during “coaching” he took my entire group out for a smoke I “wasn’t allowed until she asks me herself”. i stated "I'm not engaging in that power game, sorry" I was then left sat alone completely ostracised whilst they all went out for a smoke. It later came to me that during this he’d called me a “bitch” I then spoke to his manager who agreed I had a legitimate complaint “but she’s off today so” and that was the end of that. We’ve then gone onto the floor and continued training. We were told we would receive multiple one 2 one coaching. This happened once. When these coaching sessions had been booked onto our schedules we’d be left sitting around doing nothing for hours. the manager told us “the training we said were giving You’re not getting it , I don’t have time”. On the one occasion I did receive coaching I had a call fail for following incorrect procedure. I explained I remembered the call and put my hand up and did what the trainer told me to do. I still failed. This happened multiple times with different members of staff.The end result was hoards of new staff(and old seemingly) on the phones not knowing what their doing (and saying it). I witnessed several regulatory breaches at all levels of staff.. I am PTSD (undeclared, following on from being stalked for two years by a colleague, sexually assaulted and suicide attempts..) and found this exacerbated symptoms. I didn’t declare PTSD to the employer however i did state to trainers the lack of appropriate training was causing severe anxiety attacks. Nothing changed. During my time on the floor training it was agreed that mine would be extended for another week. I was entirely happy with this and expressed the fact that I was going to ask anyway. A few days later I’m told oh no that’s not happening now your going live Monday. I had zero input in this. Decisions are being made around my development with zero input from myself. I stated to them outright "I don’t know what I’m doing!!!" So I’m making my way to work Monday 24th December and had a panic attack in the street. I’ve not had panic attacks for 6 months. I just went home and txt the recruitment number “it’s not for me”. This was a clear resignation with immediate effect. Training group; Bullying was rife amongst this group. One in particular would talk about everyone when they were not around in a derogatory manner. According to this individual several members of staff are “sociopaths”. She would mock me to my face around my degree “shut up about it”. I suspect jealously because we did the same degree and I did better. This individual would relentlessly pick on someone in the group (who had an obvious mental disability of some sort, autism or something I wasn't rally sure). He’d speak in class and this individual would mutter “shut up” he’d sit next to us and she would intentionally and deliberately move away from him then stand around giving dirty looks. He picked up on it because he came and spoke to me he told me it was “making me sad”. I could give many many many many more examples of this persons behaviour. Another individual, the self confessed personality disordered individual(bpd). She started spreading rumours about me and a trainer. I was "into him" apparently, I wasn't. Rumours that were entirely baseless, again. She can deny deny deny but her “friend” told me And I heard her talking about it with my own ears. When I would sit next to the group she would intentionally move away and I’d hear her talking about me. On another occasion this individual was making £5 bets on “who would cry first” this is so nasty I have no words. One of the trainers said to a colleague “I come in here and play with my phones then I go home and play with my girlfriend..” hes 55 shes 19...bleughhhhhhhhh Another time this trainer was ‘helping’ me I got something correct myself and said ‘was I right,yeah?’ He said ‘had to happen sometime didn’t it..”. Bullying. This particular trainer got "barred" from being around trainees because of multiple complaints around his behaviour. Wages; During the 24/12/18 and 7/1/19 I received no communication whatsoever from the employer. I have then emailed on the 7th jan asking for confirmation of what my final wage will be. The response was; “Hi x, Your final pay will be 28th Jan due to your leave date. You will received payment on Monday 14th with any hours worked up till 6th Jan then on 28th you will received any remaining hours due and leaver Annual leave. Thanks x Executive – Compensation and Benefits” I have then received a payslip which just states states “zero”. no deductions nada, just blank. I’ve queried this stating, as per your own timescales I left on the 24th and therefore should receive 1 week outstanding wages and outstanding holiday pay on the 14th jan NOT the 28th as per your own email. At this point someone should have joined the dots that something had gone wrong, they didn’t. They then proceeded to IGNORE subsequent emails and failed to respond or amend my pay. I have then received emails a supposed HR senior: “Hi x, I requested the details from our team and they confirmed an AWOL letter – request to contact was sent to your address and email as attached both on 27th December. As they failed to hear from you it proceeded then to a disciplinary on 7th January again the invite dated 3rd January 2019 was sent to the address we have on file. This meeting went ahead in your absence and was held by x and x. An outcome letter was then sent to you via post which I am happy to hear an appeal should you wish to send through. Can you send me this evidence of your resignation so I can review ( I sent this twice one week prior fyi)? If not, can you confirm who you sent this to and to whom did you resign on the 24th? This resignation had not been cascaded to the team and thus your leave date being 7th Jan via dismissal due to AWOL. If you have evidence of sending your resignation then I can deal with the appropriate person as this has clearly caused a number of issues none more so than your final payment date being pushed back to the 28th January. Regarding names, that’s fine although this can limit our investigations which will be carried out by the training manager when on site in x next week. In regards to your pay & any outstanding monies owed by the company: Ø You will be paid firstly for hours worked from 23rd Dec – 6th Jan on 14th January 2019. Ø Your final pay will then be on the 28th Jan which as both x and x from our Payroll Dept. has advised will include any outstanding hours and unused AL." None of these communications were received by myself. I have then received a call from someone on the floor stating there has been a “GDPR breach”. In that all the wages are incorrect and members of staff have other people’s personal information contained in their own payslips. I was also told they were “wiping the system clean and in putting everyone’s data again. No one from x informed me of a data breach. I have then received copies of the email/letters x claim to have sent me. The email has gone to an address that isn’t mine. The letter has gone to a postcode that isn’t mine. The letters contained within are marked “private and confidential” and contain private personal HR information. This is causing distress. in that I have not left my home for days, I'm trying to secure accounts, I cant eat, I have not slept, days later I have not received a single response from the employer regarding the breach. I am losing my mind. I have been paid zero. Recently I noticed my mobile number has ben used to sign up for shortcode txts. i didn't do this. I DO NOT give my number out. ONLY for work. I believe the two are related. I pointed out this breach to x on the 11/1/19 they seemingly hadn't noticed, it is now 14/1/19 and I have received not one single response from them. I believe they have not noticed this breach, it was me! I have spoken with the ICO who tell me the breach (ive filled in the personal breach report form myself) hasn’t been reported (yet) I believe the 72 hour time limit is breached-the letter sent out was dated 27th December 18. So I have been unfairly dismissed based on data that wasn’t received and has breached my personal data! I also have not been paid a single penny today on my wages. Nothing. I am now unable to make rent and again exacerbates symptoms of PTSD. I also didn’t receive a copy of the contract, despite asking. what can I do here?
  11. I've been living in a block of four flats with a social housing provider. flat for was "privately owned". unfortunately she died and the property was "sold on". the new "owner" has made my life, and the two other tenants life a complete misery for 11 months with no end in site. Front door left wide open by builders resulting in missing post and parcels communual areas are a disgrace and are getting damaged-were paying a service charge for nowt they can start work at 6am working right through until 2am building materials dumped in basement,which I went flying on they climb on my roof and throw paint and plaster all over treess in a conservation area etc etc etc our social landlords has insisted for months "we are not the freeholder, we cant do anything" and that's that. so ive done some digging and as it transpires they ARE the freeholder, the new "owner" is a leaseholder. That means the social landlord has consistently lied to all of us on multiple occasions both verbally and in writing. the leasholder has also stated to me in writing and verbally to a neighbour "I'm the freeholder" but they are not!!! Its gotten to the point were I snapped .... the police were called and my doors smashe din to gain entry. Whos responsible here? my landlord does nothing and washes their hands of it. My neighbour has had her celing cave in twice owing to the works. She had to stay ina hotel for two weeks and was not reimbursed. the list of whats been going on goes on and on and on.
  12. When people say 'don't mean to be patronising' their about to be patronising, and you, are most definatly patronising.
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