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  1. Hi, When you go to the job centre, they should tell you what you may be entitled to. I would suggest you do lots of googling to get up to date on the info and have a look at the benefit calculators too. I think your mortgage has to be your priority debt so the visa's will just have to wait - you might want to look at the CCA forums on here to see if you can put those into dispute...... I don't know about the endowments as I have very little experience of them but I am sure someone else will be along that can comment.... Best of luck to you. It's such a worrying time.
  2. SOunds reasonable, you also need to apply for income support to see if you are entitiled to help with mortgage interest payments. If you really do still come unstuck then you can neogatiate with northern rock again to reduce you rpayments further (I believe they can take something like a third of the interest only payment). Also consider a payment holiday of up to 6 months.
  3. Deejay, I am also with NR and got into a mess when I seperated from ex husband. Long story. I rang Northern Rock and explained exactly what the problem was and they are required by law to help people like you in temporary difficulty. You can switch to interest only which should reduce the mortgage significantly and they will even allow reduced payments (but don't forget if you do this the interest on the mortgage builds up). Also, you need to go and apply for benefits as you may find you are entitiled to help with housing which should pay up to 200k of the interst part of your mortgage. The other thing is that if you have paid your mortgage on time etc up until now you could take a 6 month payment holiday. Just some ideas and hope they help.....
  4. Okay thank you !! I suspect they will just pass it on again and I will keep going round in circles.
  5. Dear cerberusalert, Thank you but I already sent that letter to them and the response from halifax is the one I posted above ! Any further ideas on how to deal with them or just resent the scots letter again ? Thanks
  6. Hi, I applied for my CCA for the halifax sometime ago, they sent me a hashed up version which had no personal details at all and was considered on here to be unenforcable. I then wrote to them again asking them to stop processing my data as the account was in dispute etc etc and received the letter below this morning (I chopped off the headed paper when scanning to avoid scanning my personal details!). Firstly they are saying I request a 'reconstituted' CCA (I actually requested a true copy!). Then they go on to say that what they sent was sufficient copy (I think it isn't). They are saying the purpose of section 78 was to allow clients to see T&C's whereas I thought it was to check for a compliant agreement ?? They then go on to say they haven't got the CCA and won't be enforcing anyway while they search for it but the will continue with collection activities as the contract is still legal and not void ?!?! I thought collection and processing of data was not allowed whilst the account was in dispute ?? Can someone please please tell me how I deal with this stupid letter, they have already sold my debt on twice in the last couple of months and I still haven't recieved the info from the SAR which is well outside of the 40 days now. Thank you !! T35R
  7. I have just noticed that your letter is from Anne Gartshore - my CCA letter was also from Anne Gartshore but my account is with Halifax ?!?!?!?! Coincidence or has Ms Gartshore deflected to another side ?!
  8. Thank you again cerberusalert for the letter. I will send today. I have just added up the 40days, i sent my request on 12 July (recorded delivery) so by my calculation, they have until 21st to comply, that's just 3 days remaining and 2 by the time they get my reply tomorrow. I sent off two SARs to Cap1 and Hlifax and had nothing from either. What happens if nothing arrives by the 40 days ? Equinox, you are right about the delaying tactics - neither Hal or Cap1 have been able to rpoduce a CCA, they clearly don't have any. However, so fa this hasn't stopped either of them passing the 'debt' from DCA to DCa continuously. Thanks T35R
  9. Hi, I have sent a SAR off to Capital One. There is about a week left on the 40 days for them to comply. Heard nothing at all until today when I got a leytter saying that they couldn't comply as I have not signed my letter requesting it. Obviously I didn't sign the letter in accordance with the advice on here (that they can rip the signature to fake the CCA's !!!). What do I do not though ? Is the sig a requirement to get the SAR done. I am sure its just stalling tactics on their part but how do I move this forward ? So far, the have been unable to produce a CCA which is why I have sent the SAR. Thanks ! T35R
  10. Thank you, that is what I thought too and I responded when I got this stuff some weeks ago saying it was un-enforceable and i heard nothing further from them until i then got a letter from Westcott. I wrote to Westcott advising them it was in dispute and they responded asking for deatils of the dispute and asking me to pay the amount that wasn't in dispute. I ignored that letter (maybe not the best move?!) Westcott have now passed it on to Nelson Guest and Partners. Please could you advise me what letter I need to send to fend off Westcott and Nelson as I think Halifax had no right to pass it on while it was in dispute anyway ?? Thanks for your help.
  11. I am not sure but it was around 6 years ago I think. Does that help at all ? Thanks for replying !
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