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  1. I know thats my problem, ive still havent received my new debit card, ive transferred all my wages into my savings account which i have no card for., i need to get some money out for shopping, but don't know how to do it as my bank is an online account, there is no local branch to be able to withdraw my money over the counter!!!!
  2. TILLY TIGER we are in the same boat, so i know exactly how you feel, my payment to wonga is due today, i have already cancelled my debit card, said it was lost. I stayed up untill my wages showed up as in my account which was 2 o clock this morning, and did a quick transfer to my savings account. I havent slept all night, have a sick feeling. im so scared!!
  3. Hi there i have rang the bank and put a stop on my bank card so the card is now useless. On my online banking it is not showing a direct debit linked to wonga and quickquid, so does that mean because these companies are unable to claw back any money off my now useless debit card, and it is not showing a direct debit they will be unable to take any money out of my account!!!! Please help, there is 2 days till the loans are due!!!!
  4. I have loans with wonga and quickquid which i now am finding really difficult to pay back without leaving me in debt with my rent, i have sent letters explaining my predicament, but how will i stop them taking the amounts owed when i get paid, will cancelling my bank cards be enough to stop them taking!! PLEASE PLEASE can someone advise me!
  5. Hi there i applied to capitalfinanceone for a payday loan of 100 pound untill i got paid, i was declined for the loan, but on my payday they deducted my bank account the 100 pound for the loan and 30 pound interest when i didnt even have any money of them in the first place. I have sent them several emails to them explaining what has happened and asking for their response as i clearly want my money back as i owe them nothing anyway, i have rang endless amounts of times and nobody ever answers, Please help how do i go about getting my money back, when they will not respond to my contact.
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