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  1. Hi Go to your local citizens advice bureau & get them to assist you with your ET issues.....good luck !!
  2. Trust me it is absolutely possible , been there wore the tee shirt and came out laughing my friend ...best of luck !!
  3. Hi Sorry to butt in late, only read the above briefly, basically you have to appeal to the EAT to appeal the tribunal judgement.[ appeal to appeal] You lodge an appeal , it will go thru a `sift` stage when either your appeal will be granted or rejected If your appeal is rejected at the `sift` stage worry not as you then have a right to an oral hearing. You have to request the oral hearing in writing on the grounds that you are `dissatisfied with the decision made at the `sift` stage` In the event of an oral hearing taking place you will have the right to be repr
  4. Respectfully, I would not raise a grievance as that is a sure way to get fired....no company likes to carry troublemakers and raising a grievance is classed as `troublemaking`.
  5. Hi SJ , You are somewhat right in that the questionnaire RR65 was discontinued and was replaced under the 2010 equality act [1 OCT 2010] by a `standard questionnaire` that can be used in all discrimination cases. As I mentioned above I only briefly read P`s issues so not sure when the acts of complaint occurred.[before 2010 or after] Good luck P
  6. Hi P Sorry to read about your predicament, I have read briefly your issues of concern and it is NOT LOOKING GOOD !! First of all forget settlement that is not going to happen.DO NOT TRUST ACAS , how ever sweet sounding they may come across, it is not easy to represent yourself especially in a discrimination case which last for more than a day. Have you issued The discrimination questionnaire rr65?? Tell us which town the main tribunal is going to be held at?[roughly] How big is the company that you worked for? The above are all relevant questions prior to giving
  7. Hi Sorry for butting in late, Threats aside, by your own admission you are an `unreliable witness` and your inconsistent testimony in a court of law will be laughed out of court. best of luck
  8. HI. Please google the following: 1) Chairman & Governors of Amwell view school v Mrs C Dogherty UKEAT/0243/06 2) Vaughan v London borough of Lewisham UKEAT/0534/12.......this being the most recent case law. Good luck
  9. Hi, Sorry for butting in late and apologies if my response appears to be negative. The bottom line is you can be the best worker in the world but there is no excuse for `bad time keeping`....on that note if they wanted or were to dismiss you then you wouldnt have a leg to stand on...policy or no policy Best of luck
  10. Hi Sk2 I only know what vague info you have so far provided ..no worries but DO NOT attempt to go it alone you must have an ELLAAS rep with you on the day of your appeal or you will get nowhere!! Good luck
  11. And there in lies your problem .Quote:.....`.But they did give me/us option as i was walking out, to pick up male custodies....` Your refusal can now be classed as `Gross insubbordination` Your best bet is to grovel as much as you can and beg, no use getting further up their backs by asking to see `the memo` or any other document. You were given a choice where the needs of the business come first, and you chose to go home.....sorry if it sounds harsh but thats how i see it.
  12. Really sorry to hear the bad news!!......but hey!!...whats gone has gone, thats life chin up onwards and upwards...only way to go!! Best of luck with the future
  13. Stop looking for lawyers who are in it for their own personal & financial gains,just lodge your appeal within the time limit and the `madari` will provide all guidance as regards the EAT process......you will be granted representation at the EAT by a highly qualified Counsel from Elaas.
  14. I told you, you have nothing to worry about, you will have your 15 min with your rep...who from my own experience [the elaas reps] know how to talk the talk and walk the walk. Unless you decide to represent yourself you will be taking a back seat at the EAT n the day of th hearing. Just pray that you get a fovourable and understanding judge...who from my own personal experience they all are...unlike the ET judges. Good luck.
  15. The top and bottom of it all is that if the company does not keep records of all their employees ` start & finish `times then they are wasting their time. You should argue `swings and roundabouts` and let them prove otherwise....good luck!
  16. Sorry to be a spoil sport but a 3[10] hearing will last no longer than 10 minutes as the error of law,if there is one, will be blatantly obvoious to the EAT judge after he has read all the documents supplied to him in advance of the hearing. Further, if you are being represented by an Elaas barrister then there is nothing for you to worry about let the experts deal with it all. best of luck.
  17. Why are you not being represented by counsel from Elaas ??
  18. Hi, Relax and do not get worked up....cover ups are the order of the day with all organisations and the EAT are all too aware of this fact, your best bet id to argue this point at the appeal hearing. I suggest you google: `Burns - Barke procedure`...and use this as a driving tool for your case Good luck.
  19. I would like to remind you with due respect that a 3 (10) oral hearing is basically a plea to be allowed to lodge an appeal on a `point of law`no more no less and this is all one should be concentrating on. Reading between the lines you have already been denied an appeal during the `sift` process due to there being no `error of law`. [am i right?] Good luck
  20. Grrrrrrrrrrr8 news....i am so happy for you.....wishing you the best for the future....onwards & upwards like a bird in the sky!!
  21. Hi I have briefly read thru some of the posts....my advice is to lodge a grievence in ASAP recording every thing that you are aggrieved about. You are already suspended, you may lose your job and if did lose your job then you can take all the recorded paperwork as evidence to an employment tribunal Basically, you need to be gathering evidence with a paper trail, which companies do not like. Good luck
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