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  1. Further to Wulfyn's reply, any insurance company is obliged, by law, to notify you in advance of a change in premium charges. If you have not received any notification from Virgin (who are the Broker/binding authority holder) then they are in breach of the trading standards requirements. The whole point of the advance notification is to allow the payee to decline to continue with the policy should they not want to pay the new amount. If you cannot find any notification from them, send them a letter stating as much and asking for a refund of the excess amounts charged, cc to your local trading
  2. Hi Shadow, Thanks for the info and welcome back. I've talked to H&L - they've given up and sent the file back to Amex. They suggest that I push everything through National Debtline and get them to send my original offer through one of their Debt Admin companies (PayPlan etc.) and seem pretty sure that Amex will accept. Barclaycard have said much the same so that's my next move. At least I now feel that I can progress down that route without someone scuppering the whole lot by taking me to court. I have to say that I feel a sense of relief that, after 6 months of fighting, things l
  3. Hi guys, I appreciate both points, which is why I put the caveat in my original post: "Whether it could be invoked to cover the previous litigation is, I think, debatable/unlikely but there may be something there". My comment was directed at BT's possible negligence claim against the professional advisers who helped lose his previous action - that is a new claim area. jb
  4. BT, this may sound absurd but, check your household contents insurance for "Legal Coverage" and see what it actually covers (especially if you purchase Extended Legal Cover). Many were quite broad in their description (written in the 70's - I was there!) and could, potentially, extend to your current litigation. Whether it could be invoked to cover the previous litigation is, I think, debatable/unlikely but there may be something there. Should you not understand the wording or anything else, I'll gladly interpret it into English for you - I used to write the things (for the US market, where
  5. Just a note for anyone reading and getting the Amex two step - check out this link in Smouk's thread: Amex Action Group item #83. jb
  6. Hi Smouk, Sorry, I didn't even notice this thread - a bit late but, count me in. jb
  7. Hi Shadow, sorry for delay in replying. Barclaycard seems to operate an ignore all communication unless it's via a third party (or an offer to pay now). I think that the industry, in general, operates an 125 month rule (if the debt can be cleared in 125 equal monthly payments, they'll accept it). I am unable to meet that precondition as I just don't have the income. Updates to: 1). the Amex thread. Got a stock letter from H&L Legal & Collections, working on behalf of AIC, threatening me with court proceedings within one week (from 15th Oct, 09), at Northampton County C
  8. A mini (and belated) update: Amex sent my account to another DCA, I wrote back to inform them that, a) I am still awaiting a reply to my CCA (s77-79) request, b) They may claim the £1.00 fee from Newman's and expedite the request, c) I'm actually still paying my offered monthly amount to my Amex account & Amex have not made any request that I stop doing so (if they're even aware that I'm paying them anything at all!). I've now heard nothing from them for two months. Lloyds TSB - after I suggested, in June, that their "independent" collection agency, being a wholly own
  9. Hi Smouk, I hadn't thought about that and I must admit that I didn't phrase it so well. I'm not disputing that I owe a balance to Amex (and have never done so), I'm disputing the amount they claim is due since they unilaterally cancelled the credit card arrangement and account (incorrectly and in an unlawful manner). I'll rethink the letter format and post here when I've done so. Probably something along the lines of the previous attempt but spelling out that the "null & void" I'm referring to is any changes to the contract or balances, at that 30 day cut-off point (for LTSB) or since
  10. Hi Smouk, Just returning the favour and reading your thread. Very interesting, you're a lot further down the line than I am - good luck & success to you. I've complained loudly and at length about both Newman's and Amex to the OFT and received back a questionnaire and request to provide further evidence, be contated in person etc., if action is pursued against Newman's. I filled it the lot out and indicated that I couldn't wait to do so If enough people complain to the OFT about the methods employed, on behalf of Amex, by these DCA's then it may just be enough for someone to look at
  11. Hi Smouk, I'm glad not to be relating my experiences to empty ether An update, sort of: I've heard absolutely nothing more from AIC (ditto Lloyds TSB) and they've both gone way past the time limit for satisfying the CCA (s77-79) request - bear in mind that I instructed them to pass everything back to Amex should they find it too difficult or onerous -so, it looks like letter time again. In the absence of advice to the contrary, I intend sending AIC, Amex and Lloyds TSB letters stating that they've broken their obligations under the CCA 1974 and, as such, can no longer expect to enjoy
  12. If anyone is reading this thread, an update: I sent a CCA (s.77-79) request to Newman's and got a copy of the Amex 60 second application form. I sent them another letter pointing out that this was unacceptable in terms of satisfying the CCA (s.77-79) request and that they could pass it, and the fee, to Amex should they be unable to fully satisfy the legal requirements of the CCA request . The next communication I received was from AIC (ho hum). I guess that Amex have switched collection agencies - it would have been nice to have been told so, by Amex, but that's their prerogative. I've
  13. Thanks Shadow, I'll probably have an MBNA thread soon too - I could definitely do without all the card companies operating different policies, ringing all the time and generally being a ruddy nuisance but c'est la vie when you go broke I guess! jb
  14. Hi, I appear to have posted my sad and sorry tale here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/other-institutions/201942-amex-newmans-again.html Apologies for messing up the thread system If an administrator could move the thread into the Amex section, I would be most grateful. jb
  15. As an update to my Lloyds-TSB CCA(s77-79) request (plus demand of production of their "Solver Guidelines" documentation). I received, today, a letter from Lloyds-TSB that completely ignores the CCA request (it doesn't even mention it!) and comprises a personal finances form to fill in and offer of help sorting out my finances - it's like a time loop and we've returned to the beginning of April! They've had the financial breakdown already, they refused the offer settlement as it didn't meet their "Solver Guidelines" and that was what prompted my request under CCA(s77-79) in the first place
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