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  1. It's a Westminster PCN. WM with 8 digits after it. I read some legislation, but it doesn't ban 2x £200+VAT. Can I reclaim the second fee?
  2. On their breakdown for the same PCN (I paid cash) it says: Debt £125.00 Admin fee £11.20 1st visit fee £200+VAT 2nd vist fee £200 +VAT They did actually post notices through the door, so I'm not questioning if the visits happened. I'm basically wondering where to find prescriptive legislation showing two lots of £200+VAT is allowed.
  3. TT I called TEC and they said no re-registration or renewal has been done. This should be the end of it?
  4. More than 12 months ago today, a Warrant of Execution was granted by TEC and then the bailiff started enforcing on it. I'd moved four times last year. The bailiff is still apparently attending the old address - isn't there some sort of time limit on this sort of thing? I can't even pay the fine as the council's website blocks me from doing so.
  5. We don't have FSA reg, but we both have CCLs in our respective company names
  6. Forgive me if this is the wrong forum. I want my company to put finance on my brother's car and his company to put finance on mine. I can get the Credit Agreements by copying someone else's, but how do I register the charge at HPI? (Genuine money will pass hands through our accounts)
  7. But if it's a magistrate's (i.e. not county court) fine, how can it be set aside and execution stayed? What and where are the court forms for this?
  8. I understand all of that, but the question still stands: When I called the council, they wouldn't take my money, saying "It's with the bailiffs now". Why? It doesn't makes sense. I owe them, so I tried to pay them and they won't take it.
  9. You said in another thread: "Bailiff companies read these posts daily and we have had many cases where bailiffs have taken screen shots of posts into court with them." and also other stuff referring to your office in other threads. So where is your office? Do you do this for a living? Can I hire you? (Sorry to make it so public, but I can't find a way to PM on this forum)
  10. LOL!!! That was also a scene from an Eastwood movie! I think Josey Wales, but I could be wrong. He had to pay $30 or do 30 days. He replied in his usual sotto voce "I'll take the time" (or something like that). Sorry to diverge Knk - won't do it again, but I really did LOL.
  11. Council tax. They want £900 by next Friday. I won't pay them until I see some paperwork as to how they arrived at that figure
  12. tonyfedup No, I was asking about the council, not the court. I wish to ask a further question: What happens if the bailiffs have already been, THEN I pay the council? What can I expect?
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