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  1. Hi, could somebody please advise whether they think the CCA above would be enforceable? Can I send the in dispute letter? Thanks.
  2. :oops:I'm such a numpty! Thanks for spotting it and making the correction:-)
  3. CC from 2005. The CCA as you can see from the pictures above doesn't show any signatures or places for signatures though the online CCA is a tick box / electronic signature. In the covering letter they proclaim they aren't required to provide them. Basically the main reason I posted the thread was for folk with better understanding to offer any views and comments, I'm not disrespecting your post by the way as we are both looking for the same help.
  4. Strength in numbers it is then! Was yours for a card and as you say the contents are different,is this because of the date you had the card?
  5. Hi, it's been a little while since I've been on here (had some great help in the Barclaycard section back last year). I recently recieved a CCA for the Egg CC started in 2005. It is all on A4 sheets, 8 of them for the CCA and the rest for the Conditions. No signatures whatsoever. Could you knowledgeable folks take a look and offer some observations please? Thanks.
  6. Hi, just a quick update to say since my post above in April 2010, I haven't had a phonecall,letter,nothing. I dont presume to say that's the end of it..........
  7. Thanks slick, Would it be presumptious of me to think that after 4 DCAs, BCard dont have my CCA. It just seems logical that if they did, they would have shown their hand at this stage?
  8. Evening, 4 DCAs so far and the last one Debt Managers, have closed their file and returned it to BC. Am I likely to hear from another DCA or BCard now? Thanks.
  9. Hi oilyrag, the figures on the Mercer DN are different to the Calder Financial "Formal Demand for Payment" and the Calder one states:- "As you have not complied with the recent Default Notice, the outstanding balance as shown above is now due in full and we demand that you pay us this ammount immediately. Your balance will continue to acrue interest at the current rate until we recieve this payment. We will no longer send statements to you." I had a letter from Debt Managers today of which I'm not sure how to take it; any thoughts guys/girls?
  10. Hi DD, should I send Debt Managers any other letters or sit tight and see what comes next? Thanks.
  11. Hi Slick, I had the default notice from Mercers earlier in my thread here; http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclaycard/197756-barclycard-barclays-joint-bank-3.html This is what I just had from Debt Managers who are the 4th and latest DCA to hound me. I've already sent Debt Managers ( and the other DCAs) the account in dispute letter.
  12. Another letter for the collection, first one from whoever these are, should I send this company the account in dispute notice and ask "unlikely I guess" if they have the CCA? :
  13. Hello Mitch, I didn't recieve any CCA with my SAR; the only bit pretaining to be a CCA from BC I had was in the beginning of the whole process and that was the usual T&Cs. I'm just about to send off a letter regarding the charges, as in the SAR the info provided was minimilistic at best (no specified transactions/dates). The SAR was a lot of computer printouts with a lot of data but more importantly didn't show day to day/month to month transactions as in the statements you get once a month for your BCard.
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