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  1. Just a bit of an update on this after a few months! Following the complaint to the FOS Amex apologised for the lack of assistance given to my friend and have paid compensation for the distress called. My friend is now working once more. Amex passed the details on to RMA - who were told that FOS were dealing with things and things were on hold pending their review. RMA sent out two standard letters (ignoring my friend's response) then gave up. Amex now seem to have passed on the details to another agency (I've not seen the correspondence and she couldn't remember which one wh
  2. Just to clarify the above - she did a CCA request to Newmans in early April. After they failed to respond she got a statement from Amex showing the £1 fee had been credited to her account - despite the usual "this is not to be applied to my account" clause in the letter. She complained to Amex who sent the agreement - which looks enforceable - and the above response to the fact that Newmans had failed to pass on the CCA request and misapplied her £1.
  3. Oh it gets better and better! She complained to Amex about the fact that Newmans didn't pass on the CCA request. This - I kid you not - is a direct quote from Amex's response to the complaint: ....your request for a CCA should have been made directly through us. Newman & Co are not legally obliged to forward such a request though out of courtesy I would have expected them to do so. So there you have it - "never mind the law it doesn't apply to us!"
  4. Here's something. Amex have sent what they consider to be a CCA. It consisted of the application form plus terms and conditions. The application form is dated September 2000 when she took out the card. The terms & conditions are the standard ones - dated 2009!!
  5. Thanks for the blank lines! Well I'm sort of doing a bit of a rescue job here - she's had a rough time of late over the past few years. She has split up with her other half, been made redundant and suffered from depression. She owes various amounts on credit cards which she fell behind on and made the classic mistake of ignoring all correspondence. I haven't got full details with me - it's all at her place and we don't exactly live close together so I tend to catch up properly every few weeks when I visti the frozen north! I'm well aware that they have no entitlemen
  6. Apologies for all that appearing in one paragraph - I didn't type it like that honest!
  7. I'm helping out a friend who is at her wits' end and seems to be on the same Newmans/Amex going round in circles treadmill as others here. So far so similar and I'm going through all the processes with her and playing it by the book. Newman & Co seem to have a rather cavalier attitude to the OFT gidelines - they've ignored reasonable requests to pay by instalments, demanded full repayment (which she hasn't got obviously) and threatened to send field agents around all of which seem to me to be fairly clear breaches. A complaint to Amex simply said that they didn't believ
  8. There's been a further update on this one. Somewhere somebody has failed to push a button and some more bailiffs visited C's place to collect the difference between what she paid and what they said they'd paid. It's now happened three times since they originally apologised. It's caused her no end of problems in that she ended up having a major argument with her other half and they've split up. I've filled out the relevant form of complaint to the county court and written letters to both the company and the Borough concerned and, at least on the phone, the company has promised no further a
  9. C has written a letter to JBW setting out precisely what happened and requesting full details of what her account shows. I'm supposed to be going over there this evening to have a look before she sends it on and I'll make sure whichever local authority iissued the original ticket is copied in on everything just so she doesn't get clobbered again. I guess that a "rogue employee" could happen to anyone!
  10. Thanks for all the advice - I thought you might like to know how this has ended up. C faxed a copy of the receipt to JBW who - and fair play to them - have now apologised unreservedly. She has been credited with the original amount she paid over and they will be writing to her with full details of her account and full written confirmation that all is now ok. JBW have told C that the original bailiff has been arrested and I don't want to go into too much detail but the advice C wants to give everyone is that if you pay a bailiff cash and he provides a hand-written receipt, make sure t
  11. Just to clarify a few points: The suggestion that the bailiff collected the money but failed to pay it in came from JBW themselves. As far as C was concerned it might have just been some admin mess-up. C called them to sort things out and was told that they had a record of her having given money to the bailiff but they could not trace it having been received by JBW. It is also significant that the second bailiff mentioned that the first was "no longer with the company" and suggested there had been other problems with his work. My whole problem with this is not whether or not JBW's em
  12. Thanks for that K1mmie. I suspect she will just want to forget about the whole thing - it's just me that hates seeing people turned over!
  13. Well yes and no - if the bailiff company had kept their own proper records and checked they would surely have noticed that whilst the original bailiff had phoned in and said he'd collected the money the cash hadn't been paid in. She'd paid the money and wasted a day not because of where she kept the receipt but because the bailiff company made a second and unwarranted effort to collect money that was not due. And the problem wasn't that the receipt wasn't safe - it was too safe! I've spent hours waiting on her doorstep over the years while she looks for stuff she put "in a safe place" be
  14. A friend of mine has been in tears over the actions of JBW. She incurred a local authority parking fine (or several) and did nothing about it. Eventually JBW got involved and called on her adding the usual fees and levies. She ended up paying the bailiff £450 in cash.Team edit-For clarification there remains no evidence that the management of JBW were aware of this,nor did they sanction or have knowledge of it at this time. So far so straightforwrd. Except about two months later another JBW bailiff turned up demanding over £500, clamping her car in the process. She pointed out she h
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